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Friday, March 19, 2021

Kei Kaisendon

Kaisendon is one of the impromptu dinners places we had after a meetup as we are literally spoilt for choices given the number of eateries located in the malls nearby. If you are looking for affordable Charashi, Kaisendon is not a bad choice for they have a number of locations in Singapore. Kei Kaisendon is a speciality restaurant serving rice bowls topped with fresh sashimi which is imported straight from Japan. 

Kei Kaisendon

Bountiful fresh chewy seafood on the tastebuds with this bowl of Kei Signature Kaisendon. Its freshness was commendable and comes together with the nori seaweed. There are 3 sizes to choose from, small, regular or large. There are 2 available sauces for Kaisendon, Kei Sauce or Yuzu Wasabi Sauce.

Kei Signature Kaisendon 署名海鮮丼 - $12.90 / $16.90 / $19.90

Topping up the meal at an additional $3 for a bowl of salad and soup or soup & Tobiko Onsen Egg.

Salad + Soup - $3

Miso Soup

Unagi Kaisendon is similar to the Kei Signature Kaisendon just that among a good mixture of fresh seafood on the tastebuds with pieces of cooked Unagi.

Unagi Kaisendon うなぎ海鮮丼 - $19.90

For those who feel like skipping the raw food, they have a few cooked main dishes like Unagi Don. The rice was topped with delicious Onsen egg, unagi, pickles, seaweed and Homemade Tamago Mentai, sprinkled with a handful of brown sesame seeds. The colour combination presentation was soothing to the eyes and makes it Instagram worthy.

Unagi Don 鰻丼 - $16.90

I love the Homemade Tamago Mentai too. The charred flavours at the edge of the Tamago strip and the slightly burnt area 

Homemade Tamago Mentai - $5.90 (4 pcs)

Ebi Mentaiko was huge and barbecued till charred flavour. The Mentaiko sauce together with the freshness of seafood made a very good pairing. 

Ebi Mentaiko - $7.80 (2 pcs)

Sides like Gyoza is good for sharing. It's available in pieces of 3 or 6. The gyoza is served in a boiled version instead of pan-fried.

Gyoza - $6.90 (6 pcs)

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Kei Kaisendon
6 Raffles Blvd, #02-226A B, Singapore 039594

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