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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Loyang Way Big Prawn Noodles

We have been here twice and all the way from the western part of Singapore but it was not opened during Sunday and public holidays. On the 3rd try, we have finally seen the shutters opened. The stall front was interestingly decorated with many fortune cats and if you notice, on top of the signage, there is another one too. Perhaps these cats had really brought some good luck and crowd to the stall.

Stall of Loyang Way Big Prawn Noodles

Prawns are fresh and big and most importantly the style of the broth floats my boat. The broth does not have an overpowering heady taste which I find it good. 

Big Prawn Noodle - $5

It was sweet enough to taste the pork bone together with the prawns. Prawns were cut into halves, easier for consumption. I love the fact that the texture was succulent too.


While another order we had was the medium portion of prawn mee with pork ribs added with pig intestines. Pork ribs were up to expectation, tender and easily fell off from the bone.

Pork Rib Prawn Noodle add Pig Intestine - $7 + $2

Pig intestines, on the other hand, were cleanly prepared and yummy!

Pig Intestines

If you are living in the East Side of Singapore, this is definitely a prawn noodle stall to add into your list. The disadvantage perhaps is that this place is not easily accessible as its located in the industrial estate. 

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Loyang Way Big Prawn Noodles
Loyang Way Food Village, 64 Loyang Way, Singapore 508754

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