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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Swatow Seafood 汕头海鲜

Shantou (Swatow) is located in Guangdong province, China, is where many Teochews call home. I have been wanting to visit this place long time back. Teochew cuisine is known for its light flavours, as it seeks to bring out the natural taste of the ingredients used.

Swatow Seafood

Though the place is not very convenient for us, we manage to locate it. Swatow is located on the 2nd level and is accessible via the carpeted flight of stairs.  It is also elderly-friendly with elevator by the side.

Flight of Stairs to Swatow

The interior was well lited and decorated with traditional Chinese lanterns hanging down, round tables, featuring a semi-modern yet filled with Chinese culture decorations.


At least the braised peanuts were able to fill up some parts of our churning stomachs while waiting for the dim sum we had ordered.

Braised Peanuts - $2

Starting the breakfast with the warm pieces of Char Siew Rice Flour Roll to warm our stomach. Chopped pieces of Char Siew Meat was encased in between the rolls and drenched by the savoury sweet sauce sprinkled with spring onions and sesame seeds. 

Char Siew Rice Flour Roll 蜜汁叉烧肠粉 - $5.20

The thought of the term Teochew Crystal Dumplings sounds different from the usual ones we have. Indeed, it's not the usual ones with just shrimp filling. Instead, it seems to me it was a kind of "Soon Kueh" Transformation with the similar texture of the skin, not sticky or gooey but chewy and of the correct thickness. It goes well with their sambal chilli.

Teochew Cyrstal Dumplings 潮州水晶包 - $5.20 (3 pcs)

Dumplings were on the average and it was quite unfortunate that one of them tears and had the soup poured over as we tried to lift it up from the bamboo basket. 

Mini Pork Dumplings 汕头小笼包 - $5.20

Eat fast or the bag will burst!

The entire prawn was wrapped within the meat and quite delighting as you bite down. 

Siew Mai with Fish Roes 鱼子滑烧卖 - $5.20

Pan-Fried Carrot Cake was tasty. You get to enjoy texture from the strips of carrot cake in between the cakes. 

Pan-Fried Carrot Cake 香煎萝卜糕 - $4.50

Teochew Braised Duck Congee has been my comfort food all these while. The clay pot does consists of a substantial amount of braised duck with congee and its braised sauce. 

Teochew Braised Duck Congee - $6.80

Gloves were provided for patrons to unwrap the marinated chicken parts under the baking paper that looks like deep-fried packets. This method has locked the marinated chicken flavours and keeping it moist and aromatic as a dish.

Paper Wrapped Chicken 南洋纸包鸡

It was indeed an experience enjoying Dim Sum from an extensive menu and of a different dialect group. As far as I know, Swatow is reputable and popular for its Teochew Cuisine and being a Teochew myself, it gives me another reason to come back once more.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Swatow Seafood
 Blk 181 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh #02-602 Singapore 310181
Business Hours: Dim Sum Breakfast: 8am - 11am
                                             Lunch & Dim Sum: 11am - 3pm
                                             High Tea: 3pm - 5pm
                                             Dinner: 6pm - 1030pm

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