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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Don's Pie & Cake, Signature Crab

If you hear of the Pie chain, Don your personal pie club in the malls, you might find this Cze Char joint in Toa Payoh rather familiar with its logo. I used to visit the stall in China Square many years back, introduced by my ex-colleague, enjoying both pies and their Signature Crab Beehoon Soup. Back then, the business had left me kind of impressed by their delicious Crab Beehoon Soup and the combination of pie business.

Don's Pie & Cake, Signature Crab 

Their Signature Crab Beehoon Soup is the first thing that I looked out in the menu. This signature dish is listed as one of the top 25 Crab Beehoon Soup in Singapore. The taste was distinct that till now I vividly remember that the hearty broth was different from the usual Cze Char Stall Crab Beehoon Soup taste. I noticed that Mr Don Lim, the owner was at one corner of the open kitchen preparing pots by pots of delicious Signature Crab Beehoon soup one by one. 

Signature Crab Beehoon Soup 招牌米粉螃蟹 - $30-$70

The broth was milky white with ingredients like Chinese rice wine, large slices of ginger, evaporated milk, Angelica Root (aka Dang Gui "当归"), milk cabbage, long chunks of yam as well as plump Sri Lankan Crab accompanied by thick rice vermicelli noodles topped with my favourite parsley. The price ranges from $30 to $70 and we decided to order $40 for 2 pax. Overall the crab bee hoon gives an exclusive herbal note that I believe no other place catered to such taste. 

The fragrance from the Beehoon Soup

Smaller Serving from the main bowl

The kitchen was rather busy on a Saturday evening and perhaps that was why our dish came to our table when we are almost finishing our main dish. 

Cereal Tofu 麦片豆腐 - $10

Realizing that many of the tables do have such similar dish on their table, we could not help it but order one ourselves. The Tofu was generously cover with cereal, fragrant and crispy on the outside with a vast difference of texture as you bite down into the soft silky tofu. 


On a side note, I love their chilli, it tasted tangy with spiciness. 


Here are our drink and the homemade ice lemon tea was kind of different with a layer of foam topped the glass.

Our Drinks

If you are craving for some pies, you can also bring them back after your meal. Don's Personal Pie maintained its flakiness on its crust. I had the Signature Chicken Pie and totally enjoyed the fragrance.

Signature Chicken
Signature Chicken Pie - $5

The pie was built up with 2 portions, the "bowl" and a cover. I took out the cover easily and saw half a boiled egg was in it. The ingredients were obvious, making up of carrot, potato, minced chicken and peas with hints of white peppery taste.

Ingredients of Chicken Pie

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Don's Pie & Cake, Signature Crab
Location: 1008A Toa Payoh North Toa Payoh Food Centre II Singapore (318998) 
                  39 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207538 (New Location)

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