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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Shepherd's Pie [Media Invite]

Have an appetite or a craving for Pies? Reading the article on 5 best Pie Delivery in Singapore, we have tried out Shepherd's Pies and our review of the freshly baked shepherds pie is here! With the offer code bestinsingapore10, you also get to enjoy 10% off your items.

Sticker on shepherds pies packaging

I'm not going to miss ordering anything "Signature" from their menu for its also their recommended pie too! Just by the look of the pie's name, I already could not resist giving it a click, adding this into the shopping cart. 

Signature Beef with Brown Sauce Shepherd’s Pie - Medium - 400g $18.90 / $29.90

The premium minced beef came with olive, onions and celery and covered with a blanket of hand-whipped mashed potatoes folded with cheese and fresh dairy. Sour cream is also added to their pie, giving it a tad sourly after taste.

Signature Beef  Shepherd’s Pie without the Brown Sauce

The pie comes in two sizes, medium, which is suitable to 2-3 pax and if you need a bigger portion, they have a massive selection that is twice the size at 800g which is suitable for 4 - 5 pax.

Adding Savoury Brown Sauce onto the Signature Pie

Complete your meal by upsizing it at additional $9.90 for big grated Parmesan truffle fries

After Brown Sauce Added

Ingredients like marinated minced chicken, mushroom, bay leave and mixed vegetables gave the pie a delicious treat. Similarly, these fillings are then covered up by the generous amount of hand-whipped mashed potatoes folded with cheese and fresh dairy (Mozzarella & Parmesan), topped with black peppery gravy that made up of spices.

Cheezy Black Pepper Chicken Shepherd’s Pie - Medium - 400g $17.90 / $29.50

Chicken's shepherd's pie comes in two sizes as well, Medium at 400g and Massive at 800g.

A portion of the Cheezy Black Pepper Chicken Shepherd's Pie

Its been such a long time since my last Lasagna. Sienna's Traditional Lasagna is voted the best in Singapore and it contains 3 kinds of cheese.  Yummy mozzarella, cheddar and ricotta cheese have decked up between tangy tomato paste and the hand-rolled lasagna sheets. The product of Italy is 100%  handmade and showered with fragrance from bay leaves, basil and oregano. They come in sizes from Personal Tray up to as big as a family tray that is good enough for 6 pax. 

Sienna's Traditional Lasagna (Triplo Cheese) - Medium Tray (2 Pax Serving) $25.90

This traditional Lasagna was out of stock for a few days and finally, during my 2nd-time ordering, we managed to grab hold of this popular item. We cut it into half and admired the 5 layers of pasta sheets that were alternated with tomato paste and minced beef in between.

Cross Section of the Lasagna

After sinking into the above Italian food, how about having some 100% Authentic American Fare? Do try out their new Mac 'n' Cheese Bacon that serves a good combination of Parmesan and Gruyere cheese with bacon streak. Ingredients consist of Macaroni, Streak, Parmesan Cheese, Shredded Gruyere, Milk, Beurre Manies and Egg. 

Nonna's Authentic American Mac 'n' Cheese Bacon (Real Cheese) - $16.90

Love the cheesy crust at the top of the Mac 'n' Cheese, however, although the cheese was rich and creamy, I find it will be nice to see if those melting cheese can be stretched when the Mac 'n' Cheese is gradually pulled apart.

Mac 'n' Cheese on the serving plate

As a whole, I find that the fillings of the pies were generous and we have enjoyed the portion of the food. Not forgetting that I simply love the top layer of cheese that comes in every pie. It was the slight crispy layer of cheese that was yummy. Of course, with their wonderful business model incorporated, patrons like us get to receive the freshly baked delicious pies within an Hour of order, Islandwide in Singapore. Personally, I have tested and the efficiency of the model is proven working. 

Grab your pie now!
Picture Credits to Owari Photography

They are able to cater a bigger portion for parties with at least 3 days advance order. For veggie lovers, there is a meat-free option too. Pies can be delivered frozen too by request.

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