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Friday, August 21, 2020


What will we eat next? This question has probably gone through our minds a lot of times. While the team behind Grain has a mission to create food experiences that put an end to this dilemma once and for all. Every ingredient and element is carefully thought through and has a purpose and role in serving the Grain experience. It also has to be wholesome, serving warm and comforting food in an interesting way that not only satisfy consumers' hungry but also on their emotional level.

The Sweet 'N' Smoky Barbecued Chicken consist of Calories: 840, Fat 32g and Protein 49g. Inspired by American Southwest Flavours, the BBQ chicken was placed on the cajun-spiced brown rice with pico de gallo (popular mexican salsa), pistachio and roasted broccoli with lemon parsley vinaigrette drizzle. Food presentation is simple yet appealing. The meal contain nuts that not only give an extra crunch but also energy boosting.

Sweet 'N' Smoky Barbecued Chicken - $12.95

A local dish that is closed to our hearts, Hainanese chicken rice but this dish is created in a fusion manner, serving with soft-boiled egg, ginger sauce, housemade chili on a ned pf fragrant brown rice. The intakes of calories is 780, Fat 26g, Carb 97g and protein 38g.

Hainanese Sous Vide Chicken Rice - $11.95

Grilled Farm Fresh Chicken contains 781 Calories, 28g of Fat, 79g of Carb and 51g of Protein, best served warm. The chicken thigh was not only succulent but also flavourful, infused in herbs and spices. Balancing out the meat with cherry tomatoes, fennel and housemade pesto on the fragrant black rice. It's yummy.

Grilled Farm Fresh Chicken - $11.95


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