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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Changi Nasi Lemak 樟宜椰浆饭 [Closed]

When I read the recent article on media social about "Changi Nasi Lemak" raving about the McSpicy inspired cutlet, I thought it was located in the far eastern side of Singapore but as I quickly scroll through the article, I realized the place is located in the Western Side of Singapore instead.

Changi Nasi Lemak

Menu 2 consist of Fish Fillet, Ikan Billis and egg. Rice is alluring, packed full of light coconut fragrance, likewise for their tasty and addictive chili, specially made for this. Other than that, the rest of the items on the plate was rather ordinary. On a side note, the fish fillet was almost tasteless, it was quite disappointing.

Menu 2 - $3.60 

The difference between Menu A to Menu 2 is the additional of chicken cutlet. It was raved for its McSpicy inspired cutlet and was truly commendable. 

Menu A - $5.60

The juiciness and tenderness made a good first impression. With the combination of their special chili which lends both sour and spicy taste, it gives us no reason not to come back again. Its not the usual sambal chili, ingredients like onions and Ikan Bilis are significantly found  among the spoonful of chili. 

McSpicy Inspired Cutlet

While the Nasi Lemak dishes seems to be quite typical, one will definitely not get bored by some of their creative Menu Items on the Menu like Menu 5 that comes with Braised Pork or best, patrons get a  chance to enjoy Mala Braised Pork or even mala Fried Fish Slabs. 

The Typical Nasi Lemak Menu

Special Nasi Lemak Menu

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Changi Nasi Lemak 樟宜椰浆饭
Location: 323 Bukit Batok Street 33, Singapore 650323


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