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Monday, March 16, 2020

Shake Shack

Finally its my chance to visit Shake Shack, not at Changi Jewel but at their new location, Neil Road.
Shake Shack is housed in the iconic and historic building which has an elegant design

Shake Shack at Neil Road
We came to this outlet as we were nearby and there was no queue too. Many times when we pass by Shake Shack in Changi Jewel, its always filled with snaky queue thus we never have the chance to dine there.

Queue at Shake Shack?
The station by the side allows patrons to self help with plain water as well as tomato and mustard sauce.

Self Service Station
Ordering was a bliss as menu was clear and concise with friendly counter staff helping us out on our choices as a first timer. We order desserts, burgers and side. The burger was smaller than my palm size and the price to dine for 2 was not cheap. Are they really worth the price that one is paying for? Let's read on.

Meal for 2 for a damage at $44.70 
Oh Yes! I love crinkled-cut fries. Surprisingly, these fries were quite soft and quite different from the ones I had. Cheese sauce was light and not thick, generously spread on top of the fries. Its addictive and good for sharing though.

Cheese Fries - $5.90
Potato buns were pillowy light, fluffy and buttery. Prized for its great taste and juicy flavours, this freshly ground 100% Angus beef has no added hormones and antibiotics.The patty had a good texture, cooked evenly with a brown sear at the side. It was a good choice for a first timer like me for cheese burger with lettuce and tomato added with their in house Shack Sauce which I find it very welcoming.  However, if you can't get enough of this portion, you can upgrade it to double at $12.70.

Shack Burger - $9.20 (Single)
This is a combination of Shack Burger and Shroom Burger. The Crispy Fried Portobello Mushroom filled with melted muenster and cheddar cheese was yummy! Besides that, the burger was topped with lettuce tomato and Shack sauce on top of the juicy Signature Angus Beef Patty.

Shack Stack - $14.30
Pandan Shake is only exclusive to Singapore. If you love Pandan taste, you will love this. It is made up of frozen vanilla custard blended with Pandan and coconut, topped with Gula Melaka crumbles. Shake is thick with smooth consistency and the crumbles adding a texture to the drink. As an overall, the drink reminds me of the traditional "Ondeh Ondeh" cake.

Pandan Shake - $7.80
The Shack Attack $7.50 consist of frozen custard blended with mix-ins. Personally, I find that this mixture was chocolaty as it contains chocolate custard blended with plain vanilla brownie, Shack fudge sauce, Lemuel chocolate chunks and chocolate sprinkles. Having bought this, 5% of sales from Shack Attack support Very Special Arts Singapore, a non-profit providing opportunities for the disabled through arts.

Our Meal
Though the price may be steep, I guessed it all sums up to the quality and premium food selection where they pledged it contains no hormones or antibiotics on the Angus Beef.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Shake Shack
Location: 89 Neil Road #01-01, Singapore 088849

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