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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Piao Ji Porridge

Noted as one of the best and recommended fish soup stall in Singapore, it is not surprising that you will find such a long queue at Piao Ji Fish Porridge stall on a Sunday even though more than 90% of the stalls there are not in operation on a Public Holiday.

Stall of Piao Ji
We waited in queue for about half an hour for our orders. Having ordered the Fish and Prawn Medium portion of the fish soup with rice, we felt that it's well worth it.

Fish & Prawn - $12 (Medium)
The generous amount of fish slices were fresh and likewise for the big prawns.

Big Prawns
Fish slices were well marinated and firm. The soup was light and delectable added with Tung O for the vegetable portion instead of lettuce.

Fish Slices
While many may expect that these fish shop that contains fish slices are boneless. I beg to differ as the fish soup may contain more than just fish slices.

Fish Soup - $7 (Small)
The dipping sauce went well with the slices of fish. It was made up of not only soy sauce and bird-eye chili but also ginger strips as well as fermented bean sauce. Patrons get to enjoy a traditional feel with the used wooden chopsticks to pick the fish pieces.

Personally, I love the mixture of sauce as it gave a fiery kick among the soury taste.

While some may think that $7 for a basic bowl of Fish Soup may be expensive in a Hawker Center, I felt that for the quality and quantity, the price paid for was reasonable. Moreover, the fish slices cut were not too slim.

Our Meal with Rice at $0.50 Per Bowl

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Piao Ji Porridge
Location: Amoy Street Food Center , 7 Maxwell Road #02-100 Singapore 069111

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