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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Banana Leaf BBQ Seafood

Banana Leaf BBQ Seafood is tucked in one corner of the Kopitiam and I have been passing by this place many times in a year but never come to try albeit they had won so many media reviews over the years from Makansutra, FBI food, the Business Time, Channel 8, etc.

Banana Leaf Seafood
Baby Kai Lan was whipped out from the kitchen less than 5 mins after ordering, though impressed by the speed, the quality of vegetables turned out to be unfavorable. A substantial part of the vegetables was yellow and served with visible holes in it. We did not remember having such quality of Kai Lan elsewhere, thus immediately, we feedback to the staff.

Baby Kai Lan 芥蓝 - $6
 Perhaps the better choice will be sweet potato leaves, at least these leafy greens looked more decent.

Sweet Potato Leaves 番薯叶 - $6
Other than the vegetable dishes, we have the rest of the seafood with sambal. The overall dish was too dry and even though red onion was used together with the clams / Lala. The taste was still quite bland for some reason.

Clams 拉拉 - $10
Sotong was the better dish out of all but somehow the taste of the Sotong was still quite separated from the sambal. The texture was chewy and if you notice, all their BBQ seafood dishes consist of a banana leaf just as their name suggests.

BBQ Sotong 烧烤苏东 - $10 
Here's the last dish ordered. Though we are 2 pax, we had ordered quite a number of our favourite dishes and we left the place being disappointed.

BBQ Stingray 烧烤魔鬼鱼 - $10 to $14
Food taste and quality still have many rooms for improvement. Though there are many good reviews over the years about Banana Leaf BBQ Seafood, we are still unable to figure out how was it done. Perhaps we have higher expectations having taste more decent ones elsewhere. As an overall, food is mediocre and perhaps the first and our last visit here.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Banana Leaf BBQ Seafood 
Location: Blk 450 Clementi Ave 3, Singapore 120450

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