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Sunday, December 18, 2022

No. 1 Western Food

I have been wanting to visit Margaret Drive Hawker Center ever since I heard the news about it. There were not many choices during our visit at the Weekends for a number of stalls were closed. Spotted this old school Western Food and decided to give it a try.

No. 1 Western Food
No. 1 Western Food

Nothing on the presentation and items on the plate has changed. The portion was still little with price increases due to inflation. Nonetheless, the unique taste of the chicken shop is said to be served with the thick luscious, tomato-based barbecue gravy which is also one of the reasons for having so many supporters.

Chicken Chop
Chicken Chop - $7 

The chicken chop is juicy and tender. The charred edges of the chicken chop were fragrant.

Charred Chicken Chop
Charred Chicken Chop

The chicken cutlet is very well fried. Love its crusty exterior that envelopes the thick juicy tender chicken.

Chicken Cutlet
Chicken Cutlet - $7

No.1 Western Food
Margaret Drive Hawker Centre, 38A Margaret Dr, #02-30, Singapore 140238

Last Posted on 14th July 2015

Getting bored with many western food from the hipster cafes nowadays? Be glad when you visit No. 1 Western Food in Tanglin Halt as they still have the traditional kind of Western Food to make you feel nostalgic.

Stall of No. 1 Western Food

Chicken Cutlet was served uniquely in a metal plate which I dont remember having such presentation from any other Western Food Stall. The slab of chicken cutlet was deep fried to golden brown perfection with crispy texture on its exterior by the breadcrumbs. As we bite that down, the meat was very tender and extremely juicy without retaining any excessive grease. Beside the presentation, it was all in the sauce that make this Western Food No.1. Ingredients of the sauce was a trade secret, home made by themselves. It tasted tangy filled of tomatoes  with a good mix of BBQ Sauce, slightly on a sweet side but a great compliment to all items on plate including the ubiquitous baked beans, sliced cucumbers, tomatoes and frozen cut fries.

Chicken Cutlet - $5.50

Chicken Chop on the other hand was served on a usual blue plate with similar sides. The special Sauce used here were the same and the only difference was that the chicken was served grilled. For all that taste was pretty standard, there were no slightest taste of frozen meat which I got from other Western Food Stall. Likewise, the meat was fork tender without being too greasy.

Chicken Chop - $5.50

Having seen lesser and lesser of such Western Food Stalls around, I began to appreciate such traditional food that comes close to my heart. They may not have the fanciful presentation like what we had in cafes nowadays but deep down I know such food is still greatly missed once in a while.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

No.1 Western Food
Location: Tanglin Halt Food Centre, Blk 1A Commonwealth Drive #01-13 Singapore 141001

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