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Thursday, February 20, 2020


The name "Biseryu" has a meaning, literally refer to beauty flowing to all parts of the world. The eating place has an interesting concept whereby dishes from 11 popular and award winning restaurants in different parts of Japan are being featured under one roof.

Floor Plan
Biseryu is a casual Japanese restaurant located in one of the prominent shopping centers of Orchard Road and that is Far East Plaza.

Having met the owner, Alvin, in the restaurant, we find that he is very passionate about what he is doing explaining the information of Biseryu and being friendly, sharing his recommendations to the first time patrons like us.

Pillar of Far East Plaza
This is yet another "must-try" dishes. This in-house specialities, Norwegian Salmon Hokkaido Milk soup is prepared fresh daily with Salmon Fillet and Hokkaido Milk. Soup is light and tasty with handful of Salmon, leeks, cubed potatoes and carrots. Size is good enough for sharing, nutritious and wholesome but do note that there is a limited portion daily too.

Salmon Soup with Hokkaido Milk  - $12
Have you heard of black curry? Besides the usual orange, green and red curry we had in Asia, I have only heard of Japanese White Curry at Most. The Black Curry is unique in taste and gaining popularity in Japan. Bistro Ryu in Hakata City cooked their own spice mixture in pork and chicken
broth, leaving it overnight to bring out the richness of the Japanese Curry.

Pork loin cutlet was crispy with crumbs at the exterior. The pork loin had a good balance of lean and fatty meat. Black Curry was thick and not the usual watery base curry we had. 

I paired my meal with a refreshing glass of premium wildflower honey lemon at $2.50. How I wish they can serve a bigger glass instead.

Black Curry with Pork Loin Cutlet - $19
The Fukuyoshi, voted by european Monda selection as one of 50 top chefs in Japan during 2016. The famous chef in his main outlet in Kanagawa prefecture, forumlated the best tasting Hamburg steak using Hokkaido's Kuroge Wagyu. All sets served with salad and rice.

Wagyu Hamburg  Steak with Sirloin Steak Set - $33
The steak was cooked to our ideal doneness as requested. It was well charred at the right portion with fried garlic flakes. We had the meal topped up with avocado at $3.

Additional Avocado - $3
While another starring item of the dish is Wagyu Hamburg steak, it didn't fail us and we would comment that the patty was juicy and flavourful.

It was a good experience dining there and after browsing through the extensive menu, we felt that they are not the main stream kind of Japanese eatery. All in all, the food and quality was worth the price paid.

Rating: 4 / 5

Location: 14 Scotts Rd, #02-59, Singapore 22821

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