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Monday, February 17, 2020

The Tavern Restaurant

I came to know of The Tavern Restaurant many years back when I brought my meal through Groupon. Their professional service had left me a good impression and ever since I have been recommending this place to friends who want to bring their date for a good meal.

The Tavern Restaurant among the row of shophouses
All along she has been located in one of the shophouses along River Valley Road. There are some seatings outside the restaurant but we prefer the cosy environment of the air-conditioned section.

Tavern Restaurant
It's no typical restaurant with a printed menu, instead, they kind of replace their menu with the old school chalkboard where Main Courses were all written all over the board. With the smartly dressed waiter presenting the menu and doing good recommendations to diners, our orders were done in no time.

Physical Menu on Board
With one look around in the restaurant, there was an extensive variety of wine selection. Since we were driving, we did not have any chance to consume alcoholic beverages.

Interior furnishing was quite old English style to me with many of its furniture made from wood material.

Air-conditioned environment
It was an interesting experience ordering ribeye. Upon confirmation of orders, the waiter will push the slab of beef from the kitchen next to the diners' table, cut and weigh it in front of their eyes to ensure diners that the beef selection is of fresh and quality.

Waiter at work
By showing this, it gave diners a certain level of assurance and affirmed that they will not be shortchanged with the type of beef they get.

Close up of meat cutting

Weighing the slab of meat
Kicking the start of our dinner, we were served with warm buns, butter with vinegar.

Complimentary Bun
We had the goose liver as appetizers. The signature pan-fried fresh goose liver was served with raspberry sauce and half a mini toast with a small portion of salad.

Goose Liver - $34
Daily Soup was cream of Broccoli and it tasted quite ordinary to me.

Daily Soup  - $11
 Like most of the lobster bisque, it's packed of crustacean taste. The soup tasted quite ordinary to me as well.

Lobster Bisque - $13
There were a few chunks of lobster meat among the bowl of soup. Yummy! At least these chunks are as big as the spoon.

Lobster Meat
After having appetizers and soups, we were served with sherbet in a glass. When asked, the waiter explained that having these help in cleansing our palates.

Berry Sherbet
If you are wondering what was the weigh of the slab of US Prime Ribeye, it was 260g and cost us $101.40. The ribeye was excellently prepared to medium doneness served with mixed vegetables, potato gratin and melted butter.

US Prime Ribeye
You can go wrong ordering their Ribeye for the main course. Standard was there with meat being fork tender and well worth the money spent.

US Prime Ribeye - $39 per 100g
Iberico Pork Chop was laid on 2 scoops of mashed potato, served with mixed vegetables similar to what was on the US Prime Ribeye plate. The mix vegetables consisted of carrot, mushroom, baby corn and pea.

Iberico Pork Chop - $45
It looked charred on the outside but with a good distribution of fat and meat,  the Iberico pork was succulent and well-executed.

Side View of the Pork
In case you were wondering if the dish was such plain and boring without sauce, the dish did come with cooked pineapple sauce. It was thick and soury sweet which gave a lift to the taste of the Pork Chop.

Iberico Pork
Although the service may deviate from the usual standard I know all along, I'm still convinced with their food quality and I won't hesitate to recommend anyone who wants to enjoy a good meal in an old English setting.

 Rating: 4.25 / 5

The Tavern Restaurant
Location: 227 River Valley Road Singapore 238287

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