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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Kluang Cendol Kader

One of the food spots to visit if you are in Kluang is none other than this so called legendary Cendol stall.

Kluang Cendol Kader
 Kluang Cendol Kader has been selling since 1945 and till now has been passed to the 3rd generation.

Preparing for Take-Away Customers
At the look of the stall, it seems like any passer by may neglect it. Boy! I was wrong. On and off there are people coming up to the man for orders. Not to be surprised but mostly are ordering for taking away instead of dining there.

Serving Cendol
The cendol is rather fragrant and was served in metal bowls. It definite feels good to the body consuming the icy bowl of dessert on a hot sunny day.

Cendol - RM 1.80
Despite that the coconut milk can be watery, it still brings out cendol to its unique kind. This old school cendol is served with a spoonful of red beans and those faint green colored coconut jelly tasted different from others.

Cendol with Kacang Merah
If you are visiting Kluang, this is the place you can pop by for a rest after visiting the popular wall art nearby. Kluang Cendol Kader operates daily rain or shine.

Kacang and Jelly
Kluang Cendol Kader
Location: Jalan Dato Kaptain Ahmad, Kampung Masjid Lama, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

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