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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Lu Ding Ji 卤鼎记

Looking at the name, it reminds me of the traditional chinese drama that we had during the younger days as the name were pretty close and rhymed. The location is a distance from the MRT guess that human traffic flow won't be too constant except for the nearby office during lunch hours.

Lu Ding Ji
Lu Ding Ji is represented by a male mascot in its traditional Chinese costume. They specialize in braised item and menu is kind of little different from the usual Taiwanese eatery we went.

Lu Ding Ji Menu
The menu for the bubble tea gives the consumer the choice of their tea (Milk, Red or Green Tea), flavour and topping of the drink. Therefore each cup is unique base on customer's preference.

Bubble Tea
Crispy XL Chicken was generously served. Batter was crispy and not too bad, best to consume while its still hot. Somehow, it was not that good enough for me to get addicted to this dish. This dish comes with curry and cheese flavours too. Let's save some stomach space for the others.

Original XL Fried Chicken - $7.50
Pork Bowl is one of the menu items not to be missed. The meal looked straight forward and simple with braised egg, braised pork and some cucumber greens to make the dull bowl looks lively. Its a popular dishes ordered among the diners. Likewise, for me, I do enjoy the richness of the braised items and the egg had thrown me a surprised with its onsen yolk.

Pork Bowl - $9.50
I like the concept of this mix and match claypot as most of the Taiwanese cuisine place we have in Singapore does not offer this.We need to pick a minimum of 2 items for the claypot. We ordered pork belly $6, Pig large intestine $7, Pig Stomach $5, Tau Kwa and Tau Pok at $2 each.

Claypot Mix & Match
I paired the claypot with a bowl of plain porridge at $1. Braised sauce from the claypot had complemented my bowl of plain porridge well. Sauce was not not overly salty and contained a balance amount of herb taste.

Braised pork belly was soft and easy on the jaws. The distinctive layers of meat with fat was so yummy.

Pork Belly
Big intestine was thoroughly prepared and skillfully braised to its even brown color.

Big Intestine
Braised items tasted above my expectation. Even the texture of the stomach was not too rubbery.

Pig Stomach
Environment and service are of average. Food wise, I believe that many of the patrons are returned customers and I observed that most of the family enjoy ordering their signature braised pork rice. With their quality food standard, I don't mind revisiting them again.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Lu Ding Ji 卤鼎记
Location: 750, #01-13 Chai Chee Rd, Viva Business Park, Singapore 469000

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