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Monday, September 16, 2019

Tuk Wan Kitchen

Tuk Wan which means "everyday" in Thai serves authentic Thai Food. Besides running restaurant services, they are also doing food catering.

Tuk Wan Kitchen
We were early for lunch and patrons start streaming into the eating place. They do offer buffet at $28.80 per pax for over 90 items on the menu. However, there a minimum pax of 4 is required. Interior is modernly furnished with wall papers and poster.

Their menu is rather extensive with more than 50 items.

Tuk Wan Kitchen Menu
We will never leave Thai Milk Tea and Lemon grass drink out. Thai Milk Tea were not too sweet and have a strong tea taste.

Thai Milk Tea ชาเย็น & Thai Lemongrass Drink น้ำตะไคร้ - $2.50 Each
Enjoy the one mouth boat noodle offered in two different flavours, Thai Herbal Soup or Tom Yum Soup with the choice of Meat like beef Slice, beef ball, chicken slice, pork slice, pork ball and pork liver.

Our Boat Noodles Order - $1 per bowl
The noodle sticked together in both the flavours. Spending is $1 per bowl and you can simply finish this serving in just one spoon.

Boat Noodle in Thai Herb Soup with Beef Slice
The Thai herb soup tasted abit bitter and gave us a surprise if we were to compare to other Thai Boat Noodle eateries.

Boat Noodle in Thai Herb Soup with Pork Slice
It serves as a good choice for those who wanted to have a taste of it without the spice. Its actually quite fragrant with the use of herb, fried shallot and basil.

Boat Noodle in Thai Herb Soup with Pork Ball

We will prefer the spicy and tangy taste of boat noodle in Tom Yum Soup. It's rather appetizing and if we were not ordering other dishes, I would not have just stop at just one mouth.

Boat Noodle in Tom Yum Soup with Beef Ball

Boat Noodle in Tom Yum Soup with Beef  Slice

Though its a salad, we find it quite convenient to savour them down with our bowls of white rice.
It maybe a little spicy but you are able to taste the tartness from the fish sauce and the kaffir lime. Raw long beans, tomato and slices of cucumber were served in this salad bowl. On a side note, this dish has been sprinkled with smashed toasted rice, lending another level of texture to it.

Lab Moo - $12.80
Moo Ping, name in thai for Pork Skewer has been my favourite street food. The skewer had a blend of sweet and smoky flavours, what's more, its plump and juiciness flesh coated with a layer of aromatic glistening oil was incredibly addictive. Recommended!

Signature Pork Skewer หมูปิ้ง (4pcs) - $7.80
We had Tom Yum Clear soup with Seafood served in a earthen pot under a fire. Do not judge the book by its cover. Though the clear soup looks nothing fiery, its taste does. Ingredients include mushrooms, fresh prawns (yeah its big and not those processed prawns), tomato and fish.

Tom Yum Clear Soup (Pork / Chicken / Prawn / Seafood) - $10.80
Coconut based green curry tasted pretty standard with generous pieces of chicken strips. These gravy will give the boring plain white rice some flavours.

Thai Green Curry (Pork / Chicken / Prawn) - $9.80
Our appetizer was served last when we were finishing our meals. The crusty prawn cakes come in plump donuts size and were served piping hot. Its savory plum sauce give the dish a perfection. If you are looking for some finger food to start the meal with, don't leave this dish untouched.

Thai Prawn Cake served with Plum Sauce (3 pcs) ทอดมันปล - $6.80
Over, the everyday kind serves whipped up decent Thai food that suits our taste buds. It also allow some savings as there is no GST involve.

Rating: 3 / 5

Tuk Wan
Location: 10 Jalan Leban Singapore 577551

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