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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Yet Con Restaurant 群逸 [Closed]

I'm kind of wondering why Yet Con Restaurant was not recommended earlier to me when people discuss tasty chicken rice.

Yet Con's Pillar
Noticing its faded off traditional Chinese signboard at its facade makes me wonder why are they not keeping up to time renovating the run down eating environment? Perhaps this is the part that makes Yet Con Restaurant so special.

Yet Con
It surprised me even further upon entering into the premises. Oh My God! I could not even imagine such traditional environment are still in place. Entering Yet Con area is more like tuning into the time machine back into 60s / 70s coffeeshop style. Furniture looked like it has never been replaced since day one. If you notice at the counter, they still have a coin operated telephone with abacus on it.

Old School Interior
Besides the boiled chicken, the bowl of chicken rice plays a very substantial part in determine if its worth a returning trip. And so to speak, Yet Con style of chicken rice is definitely not the mainstream kind that we have been eating. Grains are soft and fluffy. Even though it might missed out the accentuating ginger and sesame fragrant, they are not greasy and still good on its own.

The meal comes with a big bowl of soup and we were served with a ladle to distribute it among ourselves.

Rice & Soup
Crackling skin and delicious meat decked with some sourish preserved salty vegetables.  Adding on the dark sauce had completed the dish.

Roasted Meat
Boiled chicken is commendable. It seems that their preparation method is different, in the traditional Hainanese way. We love that the chicken was plain without sauces, yet without having its taste compromised. We were surprised that even though it was make do without the additional seasonings, it taste very good in its basic.

Boiled Chicken
Personally, it tasted unique and more "kampung" style as compared to those that we usually had. If it wasn't Yet Con who has kept such traditional Hainanese Recipe, I guess we would never have been able to try this dialect group's delicacy and would most probably term chicken rice as oily, packed full of fragrant from chicken oil and of course having the boiled chicken drenched in the tasty soya sauce. I felt that those who love chicken rice should give Yet Con's a try!


Rating: 4 / 5

Yet Con Restaurant 群逸
 25 Purvis Street Singapore 188602

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