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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Mini Star (HK) Fermented Beancurd

We were travelling along Geylang Road after lunch and chanced by this Mini Star Fermented Beancurd shop. The Fermented Beancurd word had made me stop by as I had heard many talking about the stall in Geylang but I did not plan to visit the place. The stench was strong enough to make one in thinking that the drain somewhere is choked and needed attention.

Shop of Mini Star Fermented Beancurd

I hurried into the shop and ordered a portion of Fermented Beancurd for take away. The wait was about 5-8 minutes. Sweet sauce, chilli and pickles were packed separately.

Fermented Beancurd (2Pcs) 臭豆腐 (2个)- $4

In such case, it is easier as we can control the amount of spice and sweetness to savour down these 2 blocks of fermented beancurd.

Sauces and Pickles

The beancurd was deep-fried and the exterior comes with a light crisp with the interior soft and good to go with the sauces.

A block of Fried Beancurd

Though they served Hong Kong Dishes, they still manage to fix my Fermented Beancurd Cravings in Taiwan. If you are craving for Smelly Beancurd, do visit them.

Rating: 3.25 / 5 

Mini Star (HK) Fermented Beancurd
795 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389678

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