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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Hakata Japanese Restaurant

Here's another place in the West to satiate your taste buds with Japanese Dining. This quaint Japanese Restaurant is located in Newest with about 50 seats of dining space. Hakata Japanese Restaurant offer an extensive menu for her diners, which includes Sashimi, Tempura, Shabu Shabu, Domburimono, Sushi, Yakitor, Ramen and Soba. Fish items are air flown in 4 times a week from Japan to ensure its freshness for consumption. They are also serving a good array of Japanese Wine, Shochu, Hot and Cold Sake.

Hakata Japanese Restaurant
Just too bad that private corner is reserved. You need to make reservation in advance in order to enjoy the Japanese Style of Dining. However, should you need to host some family gathering, Hakata Japanese Restaurant has 3 tatami-style private rooms that holds about 6-8 pax each. They have also a larger tatami room that can accommodate up to 20 pax.

Need Reservation
Not to worry, even without the tatami style dining seats, you wont lack the Japanese Style atmosphere for decorations in the restaurant are set it to the culture. For example you can see the wall paper of Japanese in Traditional Costume.

On the Wall
The restaurant was equipped with Ipad ordering System. Menu items are quite extensive, from appetiser, salad Teppan Yaki to Sashimi.

Ipad Ordering
Look into their Menu under Appetisers and you will be thrown a little surprise with some items that you won't get to see outside.

Ise Ebi - $5
We had Ise Ebi, it looks like a biscuit sandwiched with Lobster Salad Spread. However the Biscuit is simply made up of Toasted Cod Fish and tasted crispy.

Ise Ebi
Stir Fried Japanese Burdock Root sprinkled with sesame seeds were tasty and a good choice while waiting for our main dishes.

Kinpira Gobo 
The Teppanyaki style of mushroom served. Simply love the mixture of Enoki and normal mushrooms topped generously with fragrant fried garlic.

Teppan Shitake & Enoki Mushrooms - $13
Dashi Maki was chilled and great to start with before the meal.

Dashi Maki - $5
Basically, their Buta Shogayaki had swept my feet off. Simply love the lean and thin slices of stir fried pork covered with generous amount of ginger sauce and vegetables. Set is completed with a bowl of Miso soup, rice, 1 Tofu as side, one pickle and watermelon.

Buta Shogayaki - $13
Just take a look at this slices of Pork, are you hungry now?

Pork Slices
Another worth to mention meal in their menu will be their Teriyaki Chicken set. The style of serving Teriyaki chicken on the hotplate with mix vegetables is simply a good idea as it had the food temperature maintained. The butter used in cooking had made the dish fragrant and what's more, the crisp on the skin had given additional texture in the bite. To complete the meal, Roasted Sesame Dressing and chilli was given. On a side note, the chilli tasted somehow like our usual Singaporean Style of Chicken Rice Chilli.

Teriyaki Chicken - $15
Similar to the Teriyaki Set, if you prefer beef to chicken, try ordering their beef set. Sides are similar as the former. Beef too are fragrant with the use of butter deck up by a small heap of beansprouts.

Gyu Niku Set
Simply love the gravy to go with the bowl of Japanese white rice. Meat sizes are rather uniform and tender in texture.

Skipping the chicken and beef? Why not try out their Salmon fish set? Sides of the set are of the same however the one sharing the same plate with the salmon are mixed vegetables and a wedge of lemon.

Salmon Fish Set
The set also comes with a chawanmushi.

Still the same old saying here after visiting the Michelin Star Man Man Japanese Unagi, any other Unagi tried here in Singapore is no better than their freshness.

Unagi Set - $23

On a separate visit, I had a bowl of their Ramen. It was Shoyu Flavour and soup base was made up of pork bone. There is nothing to shout about regarding this Bowl of Ramen as it tasted pretty ordinary with the typical ingredients like Japanese Fish Cake, Vegetables, slices of Chashu, vegetables, Bamboo Shoots and seaweed.

Chashumen - $11
Afterall, if you are looking for tasty ramen, I will comment that this will not be the place for it. You might want to check out the nearest Ramen Place instead.

Having visited 2 times within a short time span like a week apart. I figured out that I will order their rice set and other sides in my next visit. 

Rating: 4 / 5

Hakata Japanese Restaurant
Location: 1 West Coast Drive, #01-93/70 NEWest, Singapore 128020

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