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Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Kotobuki has been around since decades despite being located in an old school building in somewhere quite inaccessible. While translated from Japanese, Kotobuki means Longevity and perhaps so, this restaurant has been living up to her name. I could not remember when was the first time that I have visited their first restaurant which is this in Jurong. Till now, it still remains a very popular dining place with 8 private dining rooms and have approximately of seating capacity of 100 pax. An hour hour of dining there with our observations, you will realize that the number of Japanese expats patronizing the place.

Interior furnishing was something that left me a great impression and perhaps the reason for my return now. They have a woody old Japanese style furnishing and environment is cosy. Apart from that, they are airing Japanese Channel on the TV too.

For dinner, enjoy the Happy Hour at 20% discount from 5.30pm to 7pm.

For drinks, the green tea is refillable and I pretty enjoy their service with Green Tea promptly refill by their attentive staff.

Yuzu Soda - $5 & Green Tea -$1.50
Set comes with appetizer of the day (which is potato salad), fruits, miso soup and rice with each item occupying one corner of the tray. With the main dish placed in the center of the tray with shreded cabbages and tomatoes as sides, as a whole, i find that its appetizing. Ginger sauce were evenly coated on eat piece of pork in the "just right" portion. Each piece of meat is generously served in its rights thickness and do not worry, you do not have to bite on any tough meat as they are quite easy to chew on.

Pork Ginger Set - $16
Pork Ginger
Presentation was the same for the Teriyaki Set. Main dish was wonderfully created with charred grilled edges on the teriyaki chicken thigh. Chicken Teriyaki Sauce was given sparingly however, the dish was made perfect with dab on the Mayonnaise.

Chicken Teriyaki - $17

Teriyaki Chicken
It will be good to enjoy such meals once a while as they are unique from the mainstream dishes that
the chain restaurants are offering. Price may be a little bit steeper than the usual ones but I would say it is value worth for money.

Rating: 4 / 5

Location: 3 Yuan Ching Road #01-02A, Singapore 618642

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