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Monday, February 19, 2018

Whole Earth

Whole Earth was founded in 2003, is the first and only Peranakan-Thai Vegetarian in Singapore.They are the only plant based restaurant in Singapore to be awarded the inaugural Michelin Bib Gourmand 2016, thus it is hardly that Vegetarians out there will find them unfamiliar.

Whole Earth

Interior was modernly furnished, giving a clean and neat environment. On the other hand, service is good and did not disappoint.

Lemongrass (Hot / Cold) - $6
Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, we ordered their Yu Sheng and enjoyed the session.

Prosperity Yu Sheng - $48 
If you were thinking where are the "Yu" in the plate. Here's the mocked salmon and abalone.

Mock Abalone and Salmon
Like any other restaurants that offers Yu Sheng, the staff will open up the individual ingredients and before mixing into the plate, she will say out of the words of blessing and meanings that each ingredient represent. This is the first time I'm having Vegetarian Yu Sheng and it looks quite interesting with Dou Miao included.

Here's the aftermath of tossing
Brown Rice is just too mainstream for us and we had ordered the Signature Olive Brown Rice to complement the rest of the dishes ordered. Fragrant and delicious, without being too oily.

Signature Olive Brown Rice  招牌香叶炒糙米饭 - $11 (Small)
Tofu comes in triangular form, deep fried to perfection with crispiness on the outside and sily smooth interior. These tofu was tossed in fragrant oats, curry leaves and chilli padi. Also one of their classic bestseller.

Crispy Golden Oats 招牌黄金香脆麦片豆腐 - $17
A delicious mixture of vegetables that includes egg plant, long beans, lady's fingers and petai bean in Sambal Sauce. This is also one of the recommended dish by the restaurant.

Penang Sambal King 娘惹招牌叁巴菜王 - $17
Nutritionally prepared with wolfberry and angelica root "dang gui" herbs in perfect harmony of broccoli and monkey head mushroom. This species of mushroom contains health-enhancing properties such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effects and beneficial effects on brain -boosting functions.

Enchanted Forest 招牌焖汁兰花猴头菇 - $23
The dish has a sensational texture and highly addictive in its tangy sauce as well as refreshing pineapple chunks. If I didn't know I am having vegetarian food, I might be fooled by its appearance and taste that it is the actual meat. A must try!

Thai Sweet & Sour Delight 泰式招牌酸甜特色- $18
Overall, the price maybe on the high side but it is still worth a visit if you want to enjoy some great taste of plant-based food. Definitely I will recommend Whole Earth if someone is looking for quality vegetarian food.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Whole Earth
Location: 76 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079331

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