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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Signs a Taste of Vietnam Pho

At the basement of Midpoint Orchard, we will get to see a humble Vietnam Pho tucked at the corner of corner of the building. Just like many other "hole in the wall" eateries, the stall looks simple with functional furnishing. However behind the stall, its manned by a couple who is deaf. Despite the communication barriers, this couple took up the challenge and set up the F&B business.

Signs a Taste of Vietnam Pho
The menu is pretty straight forward with Pho Noodles, spring rolls, Vietnamese Smoothies and drinks, compact and similar to most pho stall we have here. Diners will need to pen down their orders on the dining chit and pass back to the counter, thereafter once the food ready, it will be served to our table.

No doubt Vietnamese Spring Roll is my Must Order in every Viet cuisine, I didnt had the chance to try it as there is no room for them, reason being I'm dining alone, thus I had the simplest bowl of Pho with Sliced Beef Ribeye Pho and extra topping of sliced beef ribeye.

Vietnam Pho
The bowl of pho tasted authentic and without any use of MSG. It was light and refreshing with onions, beansprouts and hints of herb taste. Squeezing the juice from the wedge of lime seemingly enliven the taste. Sliced beef were tender and broth was tasty, dabbed these sliced beef into the chilli for some spicy kick.

Sliced Beef Ribeye Pho - $6 & Extra Topping of Sliced Beef Ribeye $2
Sliced Beef 
The only disadvantage here perhaps maybe the limitation of seating and phone reception. Other than that food is commendable and definitely worth a return.

It is a definite dining experience I had here and I can strongly sense their strong passion from the service rendered, trying their best to serve each meal.

Signs a Taste of Vietnam Pho
Location: Midpoint Orchard B1-07, 220 Orchard Rd Singapore 238852
Operating hours: 11am to 9pm or 10pm daily

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