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Friday, November 17, 2017

Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant

Over the years I had seen Miao Yi Vegetarian Coronation Plaza but just never had the chance to dine there. Just recently, I notice that they have shifted to Cheong Chin Nam Road (Still within the Bukit Timah Vincity) and decided to gather some of our friends here since the place is rather accessible with MRT downtown line.

We were there on a weekday night and service seems on the average side. Interior was modernly furnished with air-conditioning.

Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant
The Asam Fish dish gave us a good start and whit our appetite. The savoury sour taste had incited our appeite. Ingredients such as lady fingers, carrots, brinjas, Tau Ki and big pieces of mocked fish.

Asam Fish 亚参时鲜 - $12 (Small)
Caught me by surprised with the deep fried crispy exterior that reminds me of Ngoh Hiong that comes with beancurd skin. Although stuffing was fried, these mushrooms were juicy and little creamy which married well with the crackling bites.

Fried Sachet Mushrooms 晓畅温香 - $12 (Small) 
Greens were stirred fried with Samba Chili and tasted well. Not too spicy and not over oily. Leafy greens were deliciously prepared and soft.

Samba Sweet Potato Leaf 三岜番薯叶 - $10 (Small)
Tasty and pleasing to the palates. Each and every grain of the white rice was uniformly coated with olive and this small portion is good for serving up to 4 pax. I like the fact that this plate of rice was not too greasy and did not have an overpowering olive taste, thus suitable to pair with other dishes like the Asam Fish.

Assorted Olive Fried Rice 橄榄菜炒饭 - $9 (Small)
Fried beancurd were served in a plate of 6, suitable for sharing among 3 of us. Each curd was topped with mocked minced meat lavished with sweet tasting gravy sprinled with sesame and chopped celer bits.

Deep Fried Beancurd with Stuffing 八宝豆腐 - $10 (Small)

Close up of Beancurd
Overall, food was tasty and environment is rather welcoming on a weekday night base on my experience. I won't hesitate to recommend someone who is craving for vegetarian food to Miao Yi.

Rating: 3 / 5

Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant Pte Ltd
Location: 21 Cheong Chin Nam Road, Bukit Timah, Singapore 599745

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