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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Bayswater Kitchen

Bayswater Kitchen is a restaurant on Keppel Bay Island by The Prive Group located right by the side of  the waterfront at the scenic Marina at Keppel Bay. It does have a relaxing and laidback atmosphere inspired by the seaside.

Bayswater Kitchen
The decor and furnishing of Bayswater Kitchen is bright and breezy themed with nautical accents. With the alfresco dining section, the place is rather popular in the evenings as you can enjoy a good view of Keppel Marina.

Alfresco Setting
Let alone with good seafood, it would be best to pair with alcohol.

Seaside Theme
In fact the fisherman's feast is recommended by the restaurant as Seafood Lovers "Wet" Dream.

Dining at the counter
Get going and check out what we are having!

Looking over into the counter
Their menu is dated with a stamp and that suggested that items on it are subjected to change base on season and what is available in the kitchen.

To start, we had the Chargrilled Octopus. It was smoky and grilled to perfect tenderness. The dish was awesome with smoked roe, Gremolata, Borlotti Beans.

Chargrilled Octopus - $22
The Fisherman's Feast was a scrumptious meal for us. Their homemade hand-rolled linguine was commendable as it was lightly soaked and cooked in their seafood stock. Fisherman feast was not completed without the main ingredients like lobster, prawn, mussel, clams and fish of the season.

Fisherman's Feast - $38 per pax
The feast requires a minimum order for 2 pax, that also means you can order similar dish if you are dining in a group and portion will be serve accordingly to per head. Thumbs up to the Fisherman's Feast!

Eyes on the Lobster
All were good from food to environment, perhaps a little shortcoming might be the lights in the restaurant which was quite dim, not an ideal environment for taking pictures. Other than that in terms of service, I would comment that they were very "on-the-ball" be it checking on the taste of the food or topping up our glasses of sparkling water.

This place is recommended for a good date and for occasions be it in pairs (couples) or groups. Do remember to make a reservation before heading down.

Rating: 4 / 5

Bayswater Kitchen
Location: Marina at Keppel Bay 2 Keppel Bay Vista Marina at Keppel Bay Singapore 098382

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