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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Angus House

I have been walking pass Angus House umpteenth times but never has the chance to step in until just this year. It was a celebration meal for a birthday and finally we had the chance to explore Angus House. Angus House is quite easy to locate as she is on the 4th Level of Takashimaya, next to the Toys / Children Department .

Angus House
I quite like this open concept kitchen part of the restaurant whereby we were able to take a click preview of the chef busying in the kitchen.

Internally is well lited, under the spacious and romantic lights, environment makes it cozy and relaxing. With attentive servers around, I would say that their service is prompt and smiley.

It is perfect place for a first date. Also, it is recommended to make reservation and secure a seat.
On the Table
We were there for steak but to make it a meal with appetizer, soup, salad, bread and dessert, we topped up $15 each and find it quite worthy.

Bread & Butter
Appetizer was a big piece of salmon with flaky bread stick and sweet sauce.

Reminds of my Mos Burger Style of Salad and immediately I know they are common as its Japanese! Greens was crunchy with cherry tomato, Japanese cucumber, corn kernels, cabbages and dressed with roasted sesame sauce.

We had the escargot as our sides. Well baked with herbs and butter, served sizzling hot. I'm not really a fan of these shells but I think the style of preparation were rather fragrant. 

Escargot - $18
You can still hear the sizzling and bubbling effect of butter together with escargot when they serve to the table.

Close up of Escargot
Environment was quite cold and just right with a warm bowl of calm chowder.

Calm Chowder

Ingredients in Calm Chowder
This is not the usual Western Style Steak I had. In case you are not aware, Angus House is mainly serving Japanese Style Beef Steak as well as pasta and the type of serving may not be what you have on mind if you are thinking along Morton's Style.

The 200g Sirloin Steak comes in a sizzling hot plate direct from the kitchen in Medium-Well doneness as requested. A piece of savoury herb butter and slice of lemon was placed on the steak, as the heat rises, the butter melts accordingly. Steak was definitely soft and texture was friendly with the knife.

Sirloin Steak 200g - $60
While the man had a bigger portion of 300g Steak from the Rib Eye at Medium doneness. Similarly, the steak was juicy and tender just like I had my Sirloin.

Rib Eye Steak 300g - $78
Desserts have option of Cheese Cake or Tiramisu. Since we are having 2 sets, we opted for both and ended our dinner with sweet endings. Cheese cake came with a very moist biscuit base and was light in taste, not too cloying. I love the Cereal and the dash of raspberry sauce and cream by the side.d

Cheese Cake
Tiramisu was light and tasty coupled with honey melon, dragonfruit, mint leaf and strawberry. It was real good and in fact I dont mind having another piece if they do offer.

At least I can strike off the To Visit / To Eat from my list after visiting Angus House. The quality of food and service are commendable. I won't hesitate to recommend my friends here if they want to try Japanese Style Beef.

Rating: 4 / 5

Angus House
Location: 391 Orchard Road #04-25 Ngee Ann City/Takashimaya SC Singapore 238872

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