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Monday, July 18, 2022

The Tiramisu Hero

Back to this familiar place after about 5 years and still feel that the environment is still as cosy with no major change in the furnishings as well as decorations.

Interior of The Tiramisu Hero

The Interior was still as living and Instagram-worthy. If you are somewhere around the area and looking for a cafe with a comfortable setting, you may want to head over to The Tiramisu Hero and enjoy the vibe there.

Comfortable and Cosy Place

With the main course ordered, the bowl of mushroom soup and a glass of beverage like Honey Lemon cost us $6.50 in total. The glass of Honey Lemon was served with reusable stainless steel straw and tasted refreshing.

Honey Lemon - $6.50 (Cold)

Suitable for Vegetarians. The chunky mushroom soup was velvety and creamy. This fresh button mushroom soup was served with garlic bread.

Chunky Mushroom Soup - $6.50

The presentation of the Mee Hoon Kueh was eye-catching. These handmade noodles were tossed in their in-house signature sauce and topped with the crispy fried egg in a cracker shape. It also contained anchovies and chopped chives. 

Mee Hoon Kueh - $12.90

Other ingredients include mushrooms and meat. Mee Hoon Kueh can be served in classic or vegetarian options. Vegetarian options are available with broccoli, mushrooms and minced vegan meat. 

The pieces of Mee Hoon Kueh

The presentation of Tiramisu remains in a glass jar with its opening wrapped in some brown paper. The traditional Italian Tiramisu is a combination of espresso and alcohol. Therefore this original Classic does contain alcohol and caffeine

Momma Hero Classic Original - $7.50

Over the years, we have tried numerous Classic Tiramisu in Singapore, no doubt The Tiramisu Hero serves Tiramisu as their star dessert, but the taste is not the best that we have tried so far.

Last Updated 20th July 2017

A few years ago when I was nearby for dinner, I have passed by The Tiramisu Cafe and had always wanted to go there but have forgotten all about it until recently when I was back nearby for dinner.

The Tiramisu Hero

The Tiramisu Hero is known for their wide varieties of Tiramisu kept in jar form from Kaya to Baileys favour. Besides getting these jar directly from the store, you can order online via their website.

With a whimsical interior, the place was cozy and fun. It gave an entire different dining environment. It looks as if the ladders are against gravity as they were seen hanging from the ceiling with small like light bulbs coiled around it.

The Tiramisu Hero
The drawings on the wall of Tiramisu Hero only comes in Black and white color. Even the menu is also painted on the wall.

On the Ceiling
Nearer to the entrance, enjoy a range of display that are up for sale. Grab items like maps, shirts, cups from the merchandise corners.

Merchandise Corner
Magnets, Tote Bags and plush toys are also available.

Stuck Shop

Come! Head over to the counter and have a photo with the Tiramisu Hero.

The Tiramisu Hero

Interior was simple with grey cement screed walls, however, made more funkier with Sir Antonio presence.

The Tiramisu Hero's Head (Side View)
The Tiramisu Hero let gave us the feeling of coziness and unpretentious environment.

The Tiramisu Hero's Head (Front View)

Interesting Coffee Machine
Their Signature Tiramisu is served in Jar, sealed at the opening to prevent moisture. The layered of lady's fingers were well soaked with cappuccino flavours and softened to the correct sponge cake-liked texture, welled play with an adequate amount of Mascarpone Cheese drizzled with semi-sweet choco powder.

It's been a while we have Holicks and kind of lost touch to its taste, thus we ordered the Ice Blended Holicks. Drink was rather diluted and nothing in special.

Ice Blended Ho! Ho! Holicks - $8.90
We were only here after dinner, so we decided to have some desserts and tested their waffles. Waffles were not too bad, served in four quarters sprinkled with icing powder and coated with maple syrup. Vanilla soft serve was quite disappointing as it has traces of not 100% well formed thus its get melted quickly and texture was not as smooth as the usual soft serve.

Belgian Waffles with Vanilla Soft Serve $7 + $4
I find this place quite Instagram-worthy and the environment really amused me. Comparing food wise and ambiance, I will prefer the latter as food was quite standard besides their specialties of Tiramisu in Glass Jars. Perhaps having not tried the meals courses here, it will give be a good reason to be back here again!

Rating: 3 / 5

The Tiramisu Cafe
Location: 121 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207548
Nearest Station: Bendemeer (DT23)

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