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Friday, July 7, 2017

Ah Hua Kelong

We went all the way here to Pasarbella to fix my friend's craving of seafood when she saw some advertisement of fresh seafood that comes from the Kelong. Entering from the East entrance (from the carpark), these floor stickers lead diners to the stall. This indeed help us alot to reach Ah Hua Kelong.

Follow the guide on the floor
There are some big tanks by the side of the stall and you can see the chef using nets to catch those fresh seafood out of the tank in preparation for the food.

Signboard on seaffod
Once ordered, payment has to be made immediately and condiments can be self help from the counter itself.

Ah Hua Kelong
With an open concept kitchen, you get to hear the "clanging" noises from the kitchen and also a sudden heap of fragrance from the food for every dish cook.

Open Kitchen 
Just right beside the payment counter, there is one newpaper article mentioning their success stories of converting Kelong into online business.

On Newspaper article
Amazingly, Kai Lan was tasty and crunchy. Fried onions topped the vegetables with gravy being sweet and inviting. If you don't mind, add them to your rice and elevate the taste of the plain white rice.

Kai Lan - $8
Dining in pax of 5, we decided to go for the steamed seafood box that consist of Seabass, Lala, cockles, mussels and flower crabs. Adding on to the box with another 1 Kg of steamed prawns that cost us additional $45.

It was served in a big cupboard and wrapped in plastic bag which reminds me of "crab in the bag". Freshness of the seafood is never a question here and we enjoyed every bit of it with bowls of plain white rice.

Steamed Seafood Box 3-4 Pax - $80
I'm not very much into flower crabs but freshness of seafood was good, from the way where you see the chef caught these crabs up from the fish tank and served in front of us.

Flower Crab
Steamed Seabass can be served in Thai or Cantonese style in your preferred choice. Steamed to perfection with coriander and fried onions to elevate its taste, the natural sweetness blends in well with the use of soya soy.

Steamed Seabass
Overall, I am rather satisfied with the meal and had enjoyed such a feast with my group of friends. It was really wonderful gathering over tasty and yummy food like this! For those who enjoys the freshness of seafood with good service, you should be here for the price is nett and quality of food. This is a good time where you don't need to travel in boat for kelong seafood! It could save you lots of time too.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Ah Hua Kelong 
Location: 200 turf club road #02-k2, PasarBella, Singapore 287994

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