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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Pince And Pints

Visit to Pince & Pints has been always in my mind as many of my friends recommended it. Noted that its a bar and restaurant whose specialised in Lobsters. Not only that, they are known to import lobsters from other side of the world, delivering in its freshness and cooked up in a varies of selection.

Menu is unique as its only a piece of paper with both sides printed and caught in between some metal tray.

Dining area is like a "U" shape in the restaurant. Interior in its simplicity with industrial theme like bulbs hanging on the ceiling like spider.


Near the Bar Counter

Disposable table Mat
Presentation of lobster roll reminds of me my first visit to Lobsters and Burgers in London. This looks very classic kind of order with generous chunks of steamed lobster mixed in mayo, pepper, chives and served cold on the toasted bun.
The Lobster Roll - $58++

The bun was soft and pillowy, letting off a good hint of melted butter fragrant.

Set consist of sides like fries and salad
Sqeeze some lemon juice from the lemon wedge given to make your meal better.

Chunky Lobster Meat
While the Lobster Roll comes first in their recommended list, the Live whole Lobster is the 2nd in the list. How not to order the recommended items? Live Whole Lobster can be served grilled or steamed at customer's preference.

Live Whole Lobster - $58 ++
Having it served in grilled style,  it had a delectable char grilled taste. The set comes with Straight-cut fries, garden salad and butter sauce that married well with the lobster.

Lobster is my favourite
 Even though it was grilled, meat was still bouncy and not too dry. I had really appreciating that in every bite of its freshness and natural sweetness.

 Beer should not be missing while enjoying Lobster. Since there was a promotion of 3 bottles of Asahi at $20, we took up the deal and enjoy it with our meal.

Asahi Dry - $20
With lobsters and alcohol, if you want to have a nice dinner and chill a little. It should be a good place to be with.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Pince and Pints
Location: 32-33 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089496

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