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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Otto Berlin House (OBH)

Quite happy that we have German Food and Beer now in the neighbourhood estate without travelling too far. Otto Berlin Haus is located in Epic House among the estate in Toh Guan serving some German Cuisine like Pork Knuckles, Sausages and Beer from HB.

Otto Berlin Haus
We had a serving of mushroom soup while waiting for the rest of our food. Texture of the soup was uniform and taste was average.

Mushroom Soup - $2.50
It looked burnt here and was not too appealing initially but when it comes to the taste, you can actually feel the manual work done for grating the potato and cutting of red onions being seasoned with peppery taste. Eat them together with sour cream and enjoy! Though it may not be as good as Marche's, for its value and price paid, it is relatively good.

Rosti Plain - $3
Unsure what to eat? If you are going for German Cuisine, you can order their Family platter, otherwise there are some western food like pasta dishes to choose from.

Too bad there are no sauerkraut in the platter. The platter consist of a whole Pork knuckle, 2 cheese sausages, pickles and mashed potato.

Family Platter - $26.90
Enjoy the handsome amount of meat from this crackling Pork Knuckles. Sauce like Mustard, chilli or even tabasco sauce is available.

Pork Knuckles (Whole)
Pickled vegetables were replacement of the sauerkraut and a slice of sweetened pineapple is given. Tangy and goes well with the platter.

Sweetened Pineapple & Pickles
Though they are not really authentic, coming to price and value, it will be considered as average fare. Though food cannot be compared to the German Cuisine Chains Restaurant in Singapore, I would say their price are much more cheaper if you are looking for some pork knuckles or sausages here.

Rating: 3 / 5

Otto Berlin House
Location: Blk 267A Toh Guan Road #1-01 Singapore 601267

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