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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I was introduced to Meta when we were there on a special occasion. Located in the colonial style shop house along Keong Saik Road where you will find bustling with people in the night, Meta is a chic restaurant that offers contemporary Asian Cuisine in a Seasonal yet inventive way.

Ambiance in Meta is relatively good, no doubt that the restaurant is long and narrow, taking about 30 seats only, either at the bar counter with high stools or the usual tables. Colors used in the restaurant were simple yet soothing under the spotlights, allowing a classy feeling while dining. We had chosen over the bar counters over the seats at the side so that we can enjoy watching the chef preparing the food and enjoying our food served at the dark granite bar counter.

Over at the counter 
Before the Crowd
With such a relaxing environment, it will be a waste without a sweet class of imported Raspberry beer like this.

Rasberry Beer - $12
Before we even start our 5 course meal, we were given snack like this, elegantly served on a black tile.  Small Octopus (Tako) Cubes  was cradled by the crisply and bubbly squid ink cracker with a dab of cream cheese and few reddish orange caviar. Presentation was exquisite and this snack did really paint a good start for the upcoming dishes with its different kind of texture, crispy, soft and rubbery.

Snacks for 2
Out of the ordinary

Another surprise to me is this, the bite size Kaya toast with truffle butter topped with Parmesan cheese. The toast was such crispy that I had mistaken it for Macarons. Pairing it along with Beef tatare and raddish. Awesome!

Special Snack
Fall Menu

5 Course Menu ($98) 

Nothing was more happier to have tasted those soft and thin slices of Hokkaido Scallop Sashimi. They were placed on pickled green apple and mix with yuzu vinegar and basil oil, topping up with Tosaka Nori.

Sashimi of Hokkaido Scallop
The driven Chef Sun Kim had turn the sticks of Capellini into its Al Dente Texture in no time. Sitting over the counter was real interesting as I manage to see him using the bigger pasta fork, coiling the pasta up in a tower form. Spanner Crab, as well as some korean seaweed had topped the pasta. Overall, this dish was flavourable in its tasty stock!

For the additional, Since Chef Sun Kim was from Korea, we thought of ordering his national dish and had a try out. Pancake was tasty and not a bit being starchy. It was filled with calms. Pickled raddish was also provided. It is best recommended to enjoy the Korea Delicacy by dipping onto the special sauce or pouring it over.

Seafood Korean Pancake - $25
While most of us will expect the pancake to be oily, the Chef had actually taken additional steps reduce the greasiness.

Nicely Cut
Dipping Sauce
Well flavoured and lightly sweetened in its sauce, the Smoked Quail was served in its tenderness. I wasn't expecting that it was such an easy bite on a Quail than on a chicken. Together with the big piece of Portobello Mushroom, leek and raddish, it made a perfect combination.

Jasmine Smoked Quail 
The slow cooked beef cheeks was served with potato gratin.  The sauce and ingredients used did marry well. Beef Cheek was topped with egg plant, celeriac and watercress.

Slow Cooked Beef Cheek
Beef Cheeks
Given the choice between Beef Cheeks or the Lamb, I would prefer the latter. It complemented with the Doenjang (Bean Paste), Carrot and Parsnio.

Rack of Lamb
Another View for Rack of Lamb
The last item on the menu and its really hard to bid farewell here. Pear was coated in silver with White Chocolate ice cream as pairing. What is unusual here is that you are able to taste some peppery taste in from the ice cream.

Dessert - Silver Pearl
White Chocolate Ice Cream with Pepper
We called for the bill after the last dish on the menu and was told that was not the end yet. What could it be we thought. It was a nitrogen surprised that came serving in a jar with pebbles. We were told to place the leaf side of the Rock on our tongue to get the full experience. The nitrogen steams then comes up of our mouth while we chew and talked. Wow!

The Rock
I simply love the way how service were rendered throughout my dining even at the counter bar. Emptied plates were consistently cleared with friendly services even from the chef. I recommend this place for those who want to experience a different dining or on a special date. Since its menu is seasonal and definitely I will be very interested to check out its next menu and surprises.
Rating: 4.25 / 5

Location: 9 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089117

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