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Friday, November 25, 2016

Liao Fan Hawker Chan

If you have been to Chinatown Food Complex and joined the queue, you will definitely know of Hawker Chan. His stall was featured on television programs on local air channel 8 and there is always a long queue even before receiving the Michelin one star award in July 2016.

In October 2016, he entered into a partnership with Hersing Culinary to start this joint venture. Having said that, the latter owns the franchising rights to Hong Kong's Michelin-Starred dim sum chain Tim Ho Wan in the Asia Pacific region.

Liao Fan Hawker Chan 
The 2000 sqft, air-conditioned restaurant can seat 80 diners. This flagship restaurant is located at 78 Smith Street in Chinatown and had been officially launched recently.

Queue in the Restaurant
 We had queue for about an hour before reaching its ordering counter.

Queues to the counter

Hanging Soy Chicken and Roasted Meat in the kitchen
Queues were long and it makes sense grabbing a seat only after ordering. However, please ensure that you have think through and make your order as they do not allow additional order after your transaction was made.

As you will be given a buzzer and wait to be called. Including the queue and waiting to be served it took me about 1 hour and the half before I got my food. We were quite disappointed as food items like Char Siew were already out of stock.

Upon ordering at the counter, your drinks will be served while the rest of the food item will be ready once the buzzer sounds.

Rosella Tea - $1.50
We have all seen Mr Chan on TV and right now if you are lucky you will see him in the kitchen preparing the food. Since Liao Fan Hawker Chan's opening, he will be busy running to his hawker stall to and fo which is just minutes apart.

We all seen him on TV

Therefore enjoy food from this Michelin Star Food Stall prepared by Chef Chan Hon Meng.

Man at Work
Skipping the usual human interaction ordering system which we all have been doing for a long time, you can try out this computerized ordering system by touching on the electronic menu and paying off at the same station.

Ordering Machine

We had ordered plain noodles to pair with our half plate of soy chicken.

Plain Noodles - $1.50
True enough, this is totally worth the hype. This is the best Soya Sauce Chicken that I ever had.
The thin glistering layer of skin was well favoured. Meat was smooth, succulent and tender, best of all the sauce that comes together tasted with hints of herbs.

Half Chicken - $12
The juiciness and its consistent taste for their Soy Chicken is incredible! Something to die for here!

Too bad we didn't get the chance to order the double meat (Char Siew & Roast Pork) rice as it was sold out. Nevertheless, we ordered a plate of roasted pork rice. The rice was drenched with a scoop of black sauce which taste was indeed very different from the usual ones.

Roasted Pork Rice - $4

Roasted Pork was crispy but still lack the oomph and the craving for it. It was nothing more than ordinary in fact.

Roasted Pork
If you asked if its worth the 1 hour plus of queue, I bet many will say its well worth it. It would not be a surprise to me that I can't agree more to it. Being the cheapest Michelin Food, you have no reason to skip it since the quality of its Soy Sauce Chicken is really good. Anyway, I will be back for its Char Siew!

Rating: 4 / 5

Liao Fan Hawker Chan 
Location: 78 Smith Street Singapore 058972

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