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Saturday, April 23, 2016

La Ferrandaise

Stumbled upon La Ferrandaise by chance as we were walking down the streets and was excited when we saw the decal mentioning that La Ferrandaise is one of the Michelin recommended restaurants.

La Ferrandaise
In my opinion, Restaurants in Europe are kind of humble and inconspicuously located as most of the time maybe because of the weather, their dark glass doors were closed and its hard to tell if they were open for business or even there is a crowd. Looking through the menu pinned right next to the entrance, our eyes were fixed on the promotional menu.

Facade of La Ferrandaise
Environment is modernly designed with some of their specialties scribbled on the black board. The place is popular among the locals and have a lovely cozy ambiance adding a romantic touch by the lighting.

Restaurant was rather crowded and tables were placed quite close to each other with narrow walking aisles in between.

We had the prefix lunch menu that combines the Entree, main and dessert at an attractive price which we felt that was a steal. A good thing is that their menu will be changed from time to time and you wont get the similar combination of food.

While waiting for our set menu, We were served with some warm breads.

Soup was served in a petite cup. Since menu was fix and we did not really communicate much with the servers, we did not get the names of every individual item served. It tasted sweet and yummy like pumpkin soup.

Though La Ferrandaise offers an extensive white list, we still prefer the juices as they were more on the budget side.

Apple Juice - € 4,00
Having 3 courses on a plate has not been common for me and I was kind of culture shock even though I was expecting its portion size. With such portion, I'm confident I will complete the meal but that was not so true later on.

Prefix Lunch Menu - 16 
Starting my meal from left to right and I have absolutely the least idea of what I am eating but it's kind of interesting to order something I don't know. What a sweet start to the meal! The entry was something grainy like cereals in milk (Puree form) topped with apricot and nuts.

Moving on to the 2nd dish which is also the Main on the plate, it threw a surprise to me as the mini pot was much heavier than my expectation looking at its size. This is the dish much more closer to my heart and had my vote among the rest. With delicious mashed potatoes served with tender beef slices, they had already filled half of my stomach.

The last dish was not to my liking as I'm not very used to all kinds of cold cut meat and livers. In the end I only have a few mouthful of the meat and clearing off the vegetables and cherries.

Cold Meat
My dining partner is at advantage as he enjoys second portion of the cold meat from me. I dislike the after taste of liver meat thus I will give this a miss.

Cold Meat
Heading to the area near the toilet, you will see such interesting corner. Baby friendly place spotted with a baby chair.

Interesting Corner Near Toilet
It was a great find and we were very contented to have our lunch there. Food was wonderful and value for money as compared to other places dining in France. Even being the only Asians in the restaurant, I find that the level of service is commendable, professional and prompt. This is the best lunch I ever had in Paris during my trip.

La Ferrandaise
Location:  8 Rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris, France

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