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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Australia Dairy Co.

Australia Dairy Co. is noted as one of the top eateries in Hong Kong despite being notorious for their impatient and low tolerance service level. For those who have not been here, do not mistaken, perhaps such service treatment we have received is all parts and parcel in their service industry. Do you agree?

Pack with locals as well as tourists in snaky queues, it would take about 15 - 20 minutes to get a seat with the quick turnover time. Being in a big group of 7, we have no choice but to split ourselves into 2 groups / tables.

Australia Dairy Co.
It would be good diners can decide and think through what they like to have while queuing to prevent the discomfort later on when you are seated in the restaurant.

As once you get into the restaurant and seated, you are expected to give an immediate answer for the order when they approach you and if you are not ready, they will sulk and walk away doing other things.

This is my 2nd visit here even though I felt that atmosphere was not very ideal and very stressful. In short, I feel like having breakfast and rushing elsewhere to catch a train.

Crampy Area
Anyway, for the easier way out, standard menu set is listed and with limited choices. We picked the easier menu and be amazed that our food was served in less than 3 minutes.

Standard Menu
Macaroni was served in plate instead of bowl with thinly shredded ham and soaked in yellow tasty soup. In fact after eating few bowls of Macaroni with ham in Hong Kong, I would say that their preparation was different from the usual stock we had.

Macaroni with Ham 火腿通粉
Scrambled egg was good but on the oily side. Nevertheless the sunny bright yellow color of the egg had amazed us and we wondered how did they get the color? The toast is quite thick and perfect if you place some egg and eat them together.

After trying Yee Shun's milk pudding, I told myself these are the not to miss! Texture was like our Soya Bean Jelly that was in trend in the past years and of course taste was light on the milk. If you ask me to compare both, I will say Australia Dairy Co. do have their own style of preparation.

Pudding - 26 HKD
Set meal is completed with either a cup of hot coffee or tea and of course for a non-coffee lover like me, the most I will go for their milk tea!

While my dining kakis did a top up on the beverage and make the cup of ice milk tea with little ice cubes.

Additional 2 HKD for Cold
It's kind of stressful to eat with servers consistently clearing away your empty dishes and with people in the queues keep popping their steps into the restaurant to check for empty seats. There is no luxurious time in enjoying the breakfast and we quickly make our way to the cashier after finishing our meal. Perhaps a wait of 20 minutes in the queue and 10 minutes for food?

Chiller beside the counter
Trip was completed by purchasing a glass of their chilled milk! And paper bag was given to hold the glass bottle.
Paper Bag
Well, it definitely feel better to have a "take away" and finishing up the glass of drink without being pressurized by the crowd. If you asked if I will buy that milk again, I will say I will skip it the next round as there is nothing special about it.

Glass of Milk
Rating: 3.5 / 5

Australia Dairy Co.
Location: G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan  佐敦白加士街47-49號地下

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