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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Pantry

Braving the rain and huge wind that was so strong that had physically forced and pushed me to take a few steps ahead was an unforgettable experience I ever had in Amsterdam. Can't imagine my trip throughout was mostly rainy with some hiccups but still we managed to get some good meal in between.

Walking up and down of the streets due to the blurred vision caused by the rain and street lights, we had finally managed our navigations to the doorsteps of The Pantry as advised by our mobile application for Traditional Dutch Food.

And Wow, we never knew seat was almost all taken and was lucky that we got ourselves the window seat by the door even without a reservation. We was warmly greeted by service crew and with a question of "Where are you from?" and was handed the English Menu.

We got a Table!
Environment was cozy in its dimly lit chandeliers, furnished by solid wooden table and chairs with traditional Dutch decorations (paintings & porcelains) on its wall. This spot fits a perfect date with a nice ambiance and famous music playing softly in the background.


Interior Walls
To be frank, I know nuts about Dutch Food and as usual we hit on the usual order by choosing the Pre-Set Menu, one each.

Pantry's English Menu
Meanwhile before the Starters, we were so excited about Amsterdam Beer and got ourselves each a Amstel Gold and Amstel Radler. They were soothing as we adjusted ourselves in the warmly heated up environment.

Amstel Gold 3,75 & Amstel Radler - 3,25 Eur
MENU 1 (19,95 EUR)


Having Pea Soup was not very ideal in my impression from a start as I'm not very comfortable eating peas alone but these dutch Peas had totally changed my mindset. Soup was served in Lion Head Porcelain Bowl and it was orange instead of mushy green color. To be honest, the soup had whit my appetite. It tasted as sweet as pumpkin soup with herbs and cream and grab the slices of rye bread by the side and dip in!

Pea-Soup with Rye Bread and Smoked Bacon

Presenting the traditional taste of Dutch with meatballs and mashed potatoes. The dish has a very long history in its cuisine with boiled mashed potatoes in combination of carrots, onions, sauerkraut. It has the choice to be served with smoked sausage or meatball and we chose the latter. Meatball was made up of minced meat was real good in its sauce. 

Combination of Hutspot, zuurkool - en boerenkoolstamppot served with meatball

While dessert was Vlaflip - Vanilla custard with yoghurt and syrup. It wasn't too bad just that I had forgotten to snap a picture of it.

MENU 3 (26,80 EUR)


It took me a while before I actually start eating them as I was kind of shocked to receive the combination as a starter. 3 kind of dutch sausages were cooling and tastes quite differently. We spreaded the paste on the bread added with pickles. Well ~ what's the best / proper way to enjoy them?

Combination of Three Dutch Sausages, Served with Bread, Pickles and Mustard

Pairing of Beef with onion stew was perfect for the night. The main was delighting with its tender cubes of beef. Together with sides like the shredded red cabbages and mashed potatoes, even though the portion may look small but it actually got us filled up easily.

Savoury Beef and Onion Stew with Red Cabbage and Mashed Potato
Another View

Ending the meal with a square-cut size brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and generous portion of whipped cream, adorn with the zig zag patterns from the cherry sauce.

Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream, Cherry Sauce and Whipped Cream
Having dined in The Pantry was an excellent choice with friendly server that took additional steps to service their customers. Moreover as an Asian who had never experienced Dutch Food, I'm very glad that my choice of dinner was wisely chosen. Don't let your taste buds run elsewhere, The Pantry is the good opportunity for Traditional Dutch Food.

Compliments after paying Bill
The Pantry 
Location: Leidsekruisstraat 21 1017 RE Amsterdam The Netherlands

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