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Friday, February 5, 2016

Dim Sum Icon

We all heard about how Gudetama has incorporated into Dim Sum dishes at Dim Sum Icon and decided to give it a try especially on the part where the Golden Custard fillings oozing out of Gudetama's butt.

Unfortunately, the theme for Gudetama was over during our visit and it was changed into little twin stars. Having heard of the little twin stars and following the hype, we were luckily to get a high table that accommodates 6 pax.

Dim Sum Icon
We have heard queues up to an hour and there was no surprise when we saw the notice. What matter most was that we were lucky to have seat. However do note that you may have to wait up to an hour under peak hours.

Even though theme Gudetama has been over, we still can find trace of it in the restaurant like this cute little display board right at the shop front.

For those who will like to get Gudetama merchandise, clothing are available for purchase too.

Clothing Rack
Crowd gradually comes in after us and soon the place was fully packed. With theme Twin Stars served with their Dim Sum, Dim Sum Icon has become an "instagram-worthy" place to visit. Almost every table I observed had their dish snapped by the camera before consumption.

Packed with queues outside waiting
If you are a fan of Little Twin Stars, you can grab this disposable paper mat for your collection.

Paper Table Mat 
Even Chinese tea over in Dim Sum Icon was served in the cute little Twin Stars tea cup, not mentioning the Tea Pot too!

Pu Er Tea - 10 per pax
The speed of serving from the kitchen was quite efficient and soon, our table was all swarmed by the plates we ordered, leaving minimum space for photography.

Little Twin Star Tea Set
A "Soon Kueh" version of steamed shrimp vegetables dumplings. Skins were as sticky as soon kueh with bouncy chewy prawns and vegetables as fillings.

Steamed shrimp with vegetable dumplings 鲜虾菜苗饺 - 29 HKD
Steamed chicken feet with black bean and garlic sauce was sweet and came with an attention catching presentation with slice red and green chilli on top. It will be better if these chicken feet were eaten when warm and since we took some time for photography, texture did not taste ideal.

Steamed Chicken feet - 29 HKD
Mushroom, chicken, prawns and fish maw were wrapped by the bean curd skin. This combination was interesting and have a unique taste on its on.

Steamed chicken pieces with fish maw 鱼肚滑鸡扎 - 29 HKD
Cheese tarts comes in a pair featuring the Little Twin Stars. Taste was sweet and cloying, not to our liking.

Cheese Tart Topped with White Chocolate 白朱古力芝士 - 49 HKD
Topping up the Siew Mai with scallops and Little Twin Stars picture did enhance the appearance and I could not bear to eat them up. Scallop was fresh with minced pork fillings. A good thing about having Dim Sum in Hong Kong is that the smell of pork was not as strong from Siew Mai.

Siew Mai with Scallop - 69 HKD
Steamed beef balls was rather unique and was bouncy. Taste was quite pleasant with appearance similar to a big minced meat ball.

Steamed beef balls with bean curd sheet 山竹牛肉球 - 29 HKD
The Glutinous Rice reminds me of our Singapore's version of Malay Fried Rice "Nasi Pattaya". Dish was nicely done with glutinous rice wrapped with a layer of egg and placed onto a bed of shredded lettuce. With carbo loaded from the glutinous rice, our stomach got filled up rather quickly.

Pan-fried Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Egg 蛋煎糯米鸡 - 39 HKD
Crispy deep fried bean-curd roll with shrimp was delicious and was not too oily if you dont mind without Little Twin Stars on it, you may order these.

Pan-fried bean curd sheet roll with shrimp 鲜虾腐皮卷 - 35 HKD
Pour some soy sauce over and enjoy the silky smooth rice roll with beef in it.

Steamed beef & coriander rice roll - 安格斯牛肉肠 - 39 HKD
We were all spoilt by the oozing effects of creamy custard bun in Singapore. To disappoint, though these little buns were cute, they did not bring any bursting effects and so you do not need to worry about the sudden attack of hot custard fillings! Fillings were too watery and had strong vanilla taste which we find too sweet.

Creamy Custard Bun 奶皇流沙包 - 49 HKD (3 Pcs)
I seldom get to see double rolls from the dim sum place and interestingly, it was not bad. We got an overdose of shrimps here as most of the Dim Sum has this as ingredient. Apparently, they have shrimps in its core fillings wrapped by fried fritters ("You Tiao") and rice roll, giving a layer of smooth exterior and crispy 2nd layer then a soft 3rd layer. If you love having textural bites, try this.

Steamed shrimp with vegetable dumplings 春风得意肠 - 29 HKD
Dish not commonly found in Singapore. Apparently before I could take a picture, 2 of the dace cakes were eaten by my famished friends. This cakes were not too oily and texture was springy, similar to the usual beef balls we had.

Deep fried dace cakes 鲮鱼球 (5 pcs) - 49 HKD 
Dish was more of Bean Curd Sheet or more commonly known as "Tau Ki" in Singapore taste. The steam soup was simple and tasted normal.

Steamed Beancurd Sheet Roll in Superior Soup 上汤鲜竹卷 - 29 HKD
I believe the beautiful baby pink and blue gives a very lively touch to the usual "Har Kau" (Prawn Dumplings with the Little Twin Star flag attached to the star shape carrot.

Colorful Prawn Dumplings 彩色虾饺 - 59 HKD
Fried Shrimp Cakes were paired with Thousand Island Sauce. No surprises here and it tasted just like any other restaurant.

Fried Shrimp Cakes in thousand island 千岛炸虾饺 - 39 HKD

Besides Gudetama, you may also grab Little Twin Stars Merchandise here.

Overall it is the hype and the cartoon theme that creates a big attention. Comparing their Dim Sum to those down in the streets of Hong Kong, I would prefer enjoying the authentic ones. Pricing is more realistic at the usual Dim Sum Stall with better taste. However, if you are trying for an experience with something fanciful on Dim Sum, this place stands up.

Dim Sum Icon
Location: Shop L308, 3F, The ONE, 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
                  尖沙咀彌敦道100號The ONE 3樓L308號舖

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