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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Faithful Restaurant

Our breakfast plan was disrupted when we realized that the popular Australian Dairy was closed on Thursday thus we had no choice but to search alternatives in the vicinity. We chanced by Faithful restaurant and was somehow welcomed by its friendly staff who was trying to introduce their breakfast to us.

Faithful Restaurant
Interior was modern and not that run down as we have thought. Perhaps that is why we decided to dine in after hesitating for some time. Breakfast was served daily from 7 to 11.30am.

With many sets and permutations of food for breakfast, our group was rather please and settle quite fast on their decision of breakfast set. Breakfast was served at reasonable pricing with Set G (维记鲜奶早餐 - The Kowloon Dairy Milk Breakfast) consisting of a choice of bun (Polo Bun in our case), fried egg, ham and a cup of beverage.

Set G - 29 HKD
Set F as their 金牌早餐 (Gold Medal Breakfast when translated) was something quite common for breakfast in Hong Kong, Macaroni with ham. During my earlier trips to Hong Kong, I'm rather detest to their style of breakfast be it Instant Noodle or Macaroni with ham but this time round I'm gradually into them, almost for all breakfast! Macaroni was cook to the correct texture and not getting too soggy with tasty broth and simplicity says the best with just only ham as toppings.

Besides that, Set F consists of 2 sunny side eggs and a toast spread with butter. With just as good as 29 HKD (about $5 SGD) you get a decent breakfast like this.

Toast and Egg
Set C (时菜公仔面早餐) stood up as the most tempting meal with that piece of aromatic pork chop! A bowl of noodles with meat, lettuce and fried egg with a tasty broth.

Set C - 33 HKD
Though it is instant noodle, the additional pork chop had enhanced the soup flavour, making the simple breakfast interesting.

Pork Chop in Noodle
All in all, the typical breakfast was something that was not plan in the itinerary. It was a usual down to earth stall, nothing fanciful and nothing commercialized that had been raved by the tourists. I thought it is a good experience to bench mark the standard against those that are deemed to be more popular in the tourists forums.  

Faithful Restaurant
Location: G/F, No. 25-29 Parkes Street, Jordan  佐敦白加士街25-29號地下

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