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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Peperoni Pizzaria

There is a number of Peperoni Pizzaria outlets in Singapore and this outlet that is open in the cozy environment of Binjai Park happens to be their 2nd outlet and also their largest outlet that offers alfresco dining.

Having passed through this area for uncountable times, I have never noticed their existence till my pal who gave us a treat in the closing of her joyous event (Her Wedding) also appreciating the efforts for our assistance on her big day. There then, I start to realize such stylish Italian chic environment exists somewhere in Bukit Timah Estate.

Into the Restaurant
With mainly Italian food served, they are also serving alcoholic beverages . For those who enjoy having beverages over the bar counter, Peperoni Pizzaria do have such in place.

At the Bar Counter
Antipasti (Appetizers) 

Before welcoming the lunch, these deep fried squid rings were served. The flaky, rough textural and crispy exterior of the deep fried squid rings were simply delicious in its lemon mayo and arrabbiata sauce.

Calamari Fritti - $14
In addition to the start off, we had delicious fried chicken wings too. These finger food were good as we chat along while waiting for the mains to come. Wings were crispy and you could even feel the deep fried batter at its exterior. Do be careful as you bite on it as the piping hot juice was seen oozing out.

Deep Fried Chicken Wings - $8

With fried food in place, it would be very much self convincing for the girls to order a dish that was deemed not as sinful as the rest. Mixed greens was dressed with mayo and topped with parmesan cheese, not forgetting the sauteed chicken fillets were the special highlights of in the bowl.

Chicken Salad - $15

The Carbonara was that yummy that even though the portion was to share among the ourselves, the gentlemen had finished them up before passing them to the ladies, thus the host has to order once more and we got 2 choices of pasta here, spaghetti and penne.

Carbonara - $24 (Spaghetti)
They used light creamy sauce in pasta with sauteed bacon. In this case, their pasta standards were uniform, both Spaghetti and Penne were cooked to excellent texture.

Carbonara - $24 (Penne)
Choice of pasta was limited to Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Linguine, Penne, Fusilli, Capellini.  For Alle Vongole, we had Linguine with venus clams in white wine sauce. Taste was elevated with the used of chilli and garlic to eliminate the seafood smell if any. 

Alle Vongole - $25

I had the largest pizza in my life, finally! A 21" (XXL) Pizza out of choices of 9"(Medium) & 12" (Large). And seriously their range of choices for pizza had spoilt us.

Spin & Select Pizza Flavours
We had Hawaiana with Suprema & Prosciutto Crudo Di Parma with Pancetta on 2 XXL Pizza. The names of the Pizza sounded so foreign to me that I only understand Hawaiana which is the common Hawaiian Pizza we had.

Their pizza was amazingly big and stunning (almost the length of the table size), thin crust and filled generously with ingredients. Hawaiana ingredients were the standards, topped with bell peppers, pineapples and ham (pork) while Suprema consists of Shitake, chicken sausage, onions & red chilli. However the spicy level from the chilli was not too hard to handle, for those who want additional kick, toppings like chilli flakes and cheese are readily available on every table.

2 XXL Pizza - $55
With such a spacious environment, Peperoni Pizzaria is actually a good place for gathering if you wish to stay away from the bustling area. Moreover, the food were better than the average fare.

All prices stated on Peperoni's menu is inclusive of GST and also there are no additional service charge require which I find is a plus point for visiting them.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Peperoni Pizzaria
Location: 7 Binjai Park Singapore 589821

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