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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Zheng Swee Kee Chicken Rice

Located just beside The Toy Museum, anyone who loves chicken rice would have know of this legendary Hainanese Chicken Rice Stall with the name of "Zheng Swee Kee"

Frankly speaking, dining in Zheng Swee Kee has always been in my mind since the branding name has such a long history in its industry and I am rather curious of such traditional chicken rice stall's product and wonder could it be something different from what we usually have outside?

Zheng Swee Kee
Surviving in the food industry of Singapore is no easy task and it is more likely that business will diversify and in such case though chicken rice may be the signature order of your trip to Zheng Swee Kee, it also opens up another option to Cze Char Items.

But still we kept to our original plan to try out their chicken rice and made our order with the 2 pax meal which consist of a quarter of kampong chicken or roasted chicken, oyster sauce vegetables, honey sauce or thai style deep fried beancurd accompanied by rice and soup.

Soup & Chilli
Vegetables were nicely blanched, retaining its refreshing green color and its succulency in its stems. The taste of plain greens were elevated with the help of delicious oyster sauce.

Oyster Sauce Vegetables
The quarter portion of poached chicken did not impress much. It was mediocre with presence of bones and for spicy kick, it is best to grab some chilli and dab the meat onto them. Don't expect too much.

Quarter Chicken
However on the other hand, the deep fried beancurd was good. The Thai Style Sweet & Sour sauce and the scotching hot beancurd beats any other dishes in the meal. Simply loves its crispy exterior and its wobbly pearl white tofu under the layer.

Deep Fried Beancurd
Carrying so much enthusiasm to this long awaited meal, my hope to have an awesome chicken rice meal had gone down the drain somehow. Meal was neither impressive but rather of an average fare which any of the chicken rice stall in hawker centres may out do them. And still, I still prefer the chicken rice like Boon Tiong Kee.

Rating: 3 / 5

Zheng Swee Kee Chicken Rice
Location: 25 Seah Street Singapore 188381

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