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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pin Wei Seafood

Passing by Pin Wei Seafood uncountable times, I was so glad that we had finally came into conclusion to visit this Cze Char Place under the estate housing of Toh Yi Drive.

With a closer look onto the walls at Pin Wei Seafood, I had realized that they were actually one of the recommended stall for Cze Char and was being featured in one of the Television Programs "Where the queue starts".

Pin Wei Seafood
The serving of bean curd was surprising. The bean curd topped with braised minced meat was as big as my palm size. Utterly decadent with its fried crisp exterior and wobbly soft interior which tasted of egg and Tofu. Pairing with the braised minced meat and greens, it not only complete the presentation but also elevates the healthy contents in the dish! It's a must try!

Braised Meat Sauce Beancurd - $10 (Small)
San Bei Ji or the Taiwan Style Wine Chicken was better than the average in my opinion. The curry scent which had infused from the used of curry leaves were pleasant. Chicken cubes were tender and sweet in the wine.

Taiwan Style Wine Chicken - $10 (Small)
Ee Mian is one of the common noodle that I would most probably order when I visit any Cze Char Stall. Frying with pork lard, there are no doubts about the fragrance level. A good thing to note that even though pork lards were used, it was not as oily as I had thought.

Assorted Fried Ee Mian - $6 (Medium)
Overall, Pin Wei Seafood had given me a very good experience. Even though dishes ordered were limited due to that we were dining in a pair, I believe their reputation is there thus they were being featured on the TV.

Rating: 4 / 5

Pin Wei Seafood
Location: 19 Toh Yi Drive Singapore 590019

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