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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sky on 57

With the Restaurant Week, we have seized the opportunity to visit Sky on 57 on a 3 Course Meal by Celebrity Chef at $40++. Ever since we visited STREATS and met Chef Justin Quek in person, we decided that we should gave Sky on 57 a visit.

We took the lift directly to Sky on 57 and experienced the amount of pressure in our ears during the 30 seconds of vertically challenge ride.

Up to the Restaurant
We were welcome by the friendly receptionists as we entered into the restaurants and waited at the holding area in front of the stylish bar counter.

Bar Counter
Weather was not at our side during the day of visit thus there was no panoramic skyline even though we were at height. All we could see were perhaps the cloudy and blurred out view due to the haze.

View among the hazy weather
Shortly, we were ushered to our table with a beautiful pot of purple flowers on our table.

Surroundings were comfortable and modernly designed. Since we had the earlier reservation slots, the restaurant was not packed yet.


Soon after our orders, complimentary breads were served up to our table. They were refillable and were served with butter slices. A range of breads were available at your choice and they were, baguette, bread topped with cheese, herbs etc.

Complimentary Breads
 Having tasted what they have, I like the cheese flavoured the most. It was pillow soft and fragrant.

Types of Bread

A wonderful combination of sauteed prawns, lobster & tomato fondue together to "kurobuta" (highly priced pork in Japan) that never fail to impress. With savoury gravy accompanied by sweet peas and cabbages, rest assure that you have to whet your appetite for more!

Kurobuta Wanton
Main Course

The chicken thigh was impressive! Meat was fork tender and moderately done up with the use of Shao Xing Wine Sauce. Combination was cleverly executed, striking a great balance of fusion on the plate. Sakura Chicken was served on top of diced sauteed mushrooms and a yummy small island of potato mousseline.

Sakura Chicken
Another View of Sakura Chicken

Justin Quek (JQ)'s Signature dessert was aesthetically eye pleasing served on an elegant dark grey stone plate. Apple tart came in a long form with flaky pastry that gave a strong hit of buttery
fragrance rather than the conventional ones we had in 2 Dimensional form. Special as it seems to be paried with a little scoop of vanilla bean ice cream at its side attached with some little cinnamon powder.

JQ's signature
At Additional Cost...

Being foodies, we shared the same sentiments that a trip to Sky on 57 would have been a waste if we were to leave the place without a taste of their Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao.

Coming in a tray of 5 where each XLB costs $5 each, we were kind of excited to have a taste.

Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao - $25
The XLB itself did cradle a substantial amount of soup in its skin around the fillings but bursting effects did not take place during the first bite. Luckily, soup was not piping hot and did not scald our tongue.

Xiao Long Bao (XLB)
We were not sure if it was made of 18 folds like the usual XLB we had in Din Tai Fong but I would say they were nicely done up with a pleat. Fillings were not too bad with strong taste of Foie Gras, however we were a little disappointed with the thick skin they have, perhaps this is one of their characteristics.

Dipping them into vinegar
Experience was indeed pleasant, minus away the bad water that took away the skylines. It would be great to dine in the midst of beautiful skylines for special occasion or with guest from abroad. Frankly speaking, I will like to make a trip there again.

Rating: 4.25 / 5

Sky on 57
Location: Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Ave (Level 57) Singapore 018956

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