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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pho Hoa [Closed]

After Searching for Pho a while, it was such coincidental that my friend suggested that we go back to our favourite Vietnamese Cuisine Place at Pho Hoa in Holland Village. I started eating Pho many years back and came to know of such cuisine. Having tasted Pho in Vietnam and Singapore, the taste that got my most votes over all the years would be Pho Hoa.

Pho Hoa
Interior still remain the same after all these years with happy faces painted at the side of the walls, featuring families as well as children dining.

I can never forget the taste of Goi Cuon (Summer Roll) from Pho Hoa. Till today, I still think that they served the best Summer Roll out of so many places I went.

Summer Roll - $7.95 (Pair) 
Shrimps, chicken, salad and rice vermicelli was well wrapped by the translucent moist rice paper. The hit of the dish is none other that the sweet peanut paste. That's an addiction.

Cross Section of Summer Roll
Squid Pancakes were on its promotion list and new on its menu.  Deeply fried to its tempting brown color with sesame seeds all clinging onto it, these 4 pieces of pancakes were great. The meat was bouncy and chewy. It reminds me of our Fish You Tiao. If you like Fish You Tiao, you won't mind having their squid pancakes.

Squid Pancake - $5.95
Some of the restaurants have the sweet basil leaves and beansprouts all placed on top of your bowl of pho but in Pho Hoa, they have a practise to keep it separated. This is good as it gives customer a choice a add-on according to their preference. Two kinds of chillis were also provided and personally, I'm hooked to the sweet chilli in a dull red color. The chilli padi that looks fiery hot is really spicy. However, they served us at best when we dabbed a tender slice of beef onto it.

Come in two sizes, Regular or Large at a difference of $2 per bowl. Pho Chin Nac (Brisket Pho) is my all time favourite order from Pho Hoa. Beef slices were lean cut and tender, slightly cooked by the boiling broth to the perfect timing.

Brisket Pho - $12.95 (Regular)
Broth is light and hearty with yellow onions and spring onions input. Additional toppings like beansprouts, sweet basils leaves and lime can be added base on your preference of taste.

Tender Slices with toppings
If you are going for steak and meat balls, do try out their Pho Tai, Bo Vien. Comparing to the briskets, the steak is a little thicker but still having the good taste. As for their meat balls, its kind of off the shelves, quite ordinary.

Steak & Meat Ball - $12.95
Another addition into their new menu will be Beef Pho in the dry version. It is the opposite version of Steak & Meat Ball just that its in a dry version. This recommendation is not bad either.

Dry Beef Pho - $11.95
The sweet sauce with peanuts toppings, fried onions and spring onions made the dish special. Not forgetting the bowl of soup that comes in the set, its has a better infused taste of the beef.

Dry Beef Pho - $11.95
The closest Vietnamese Cuisine that I will recommend in the West is perhaps Pho Hoa which carries a healthier and natural flavoured soup. 

Rating:3.5 / 5

Phoa Hoa
Location: Holland Village, 18 Lorong Mambong Singapore 277678

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