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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Buckaroo BBQ & Grill [Closed]

Buckaroo BBQ & Grill is a family style restaurant located somewhere near Bukit Panjang and they serve up a range of Western dishes since 13 years ago. For those who are unaware, they had previously moved out from Andrews Avenue premises in Sembawang.

Buckaroo BBQ & Grill Restaurant
The family owned business restaurant were designed with a homely feel, laid back with westernized theme.It felt like we were dining somewhere in outskirts of the states with Native American decorations like state flags, Aboriginal boomerang, car plates and even cowboy trinkets. Tables are adequately spaced and ideal for conversations.

Onion Rings were stunning whereby the presentation threw a surprise to us. These thick cut golden fried onion rings were hand-breaded, a great difference from those off the shelves. Furthermore, those rings were stacked high up vertically and served with Buckaroo's special mustard cocktail sauce. Yummy! The Onion Rings Come in Regular and Large Portion.

Onion Rings - $9.80 (Regular)
Buffalo Wings are not to be missed. If you love some tongue torching stuff, there are 10 level of spiciness all lined up for you. However level 1 to 3 is highly recommended by the restaurant with Level #1 known as "Combustion Wings", #2 "Volcano" & Level #3 "Insanity". We had half a dozen of it at the lowest level and was quite pleased with how it tasted. They were coated strongly with vinegar such that when I brought them nearer to my mouth / nose, I felt a sudden choke and needed to has a gasp of air. Nevertheless, I would say Buckaroo served huge tasty wings, juicy and delicious. Those wings were served with celery & carrot sticks.

Level 1 - Combustion Wings - $17.50 (Half Dozen)
Another recommendation by Buckaroo will be its BBQ Pork Ribs. BBQ items were served with spicy wedges and mixed with in house dressing on the salad greens.

Buck's BBQ Pork Ribs - $24.80 (Regular)
We got a regular portion to share between us and this portion were large enough for 2 pax. They were coated richly in the savourly BBQ sauce. The pet peeves about the dish is perhaps that it was not served totally hot and was a tad dry.

Close up
Exploring deeper into the restaurant, you will find a place with props like cowboy hats, skulls and guitar etc. With Selfie or Welfie getting common nowadays, feel free to dress yourselves up and have some fun after dinner.

Photographs Corner
The tent and decorations were kids friendly. Not only that, I find that its another instagram worthy corner.

Overall, service was impeccable and service staff were friendly. From the start when we were standing at their doors, the helpful guy approached us and showed us the way into the restaurant followed by a good recommendations of the signatures. He even took into consideration that we might be over ordering and suggested to take off some items off our menu. It's just too rare to find such level of service in Singapore nowadays.

Selfie Station
Since place was located at Community Guild Building, the family style restaurant is pretty quiet, away from the bustling malls, good for groups gathering. Parking space is rather limited. Other than that, I would recommended Buckaroo for sure to anyone who loves to have a close to authentic taste of Buffalo Wings.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Buckaroo BBQ & Grill
Location: Khek Community Guild Building, 921 Upper Bukit Timah Singapore 678202

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