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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Guan Guan Seafood

We spotted Yuan Yuan (Guan Guan Seafood) housed in Guan Kim Restaurant sometimes back when we were exploring hawker centre food in the old school estate and decided that we should give the local Zi Char a try when we were back in Commonwealth again.

We were back again and coincidentally the late night supper stalls in the Hawker Centre were not in operations on a public holiday and we decided to try out the Zi Char.

Guan Kim Restaurant 
I kind of like the old school style of coffee shop as it reminds me of the earlier days like what is shown on the TV. Perhaps such scene may be gone in a few years time whereby you see old iron metal grills, abit rundown interior of the coffeeshop that used to be in those earlier days.

Blk 47 Commonwealth
Since its an old estate, we get to see old folks more than teenagers loitering around the area late at night.

This neighbourhood Zi Char do have some Chef's special and one of it is their Marmite Chicken. Chicken was deep fried and well coated with Marmite paste and sesame seeds.

Marmite Chicken - $8 (Small)
 Omlette was fluffy and minced meat was well filled in between the layers of egg. The texture was excellent. It was not too oily and from a bite, you could even tell that the egg had the trace of being cooked by a good wok fire.

Omlette - $5
 Fried Rice was not really that good as it lacked the kind of burnt taste over the wok. It tasted rather bland and simple though eggs, peppers, Char Siew Meat and crab meat were added.

Fried Rice - $4 (Small)
 Braised Ee Fu Noodle on the other hand was not within my expectation. It tasted more like of an ordinary plate of noodles without the soft and QQ texture of what a Ee Fu Noodles supposed to be. The beansprouts at some parts may taste a little raw for some of us. Other than that, sweet sauce on the noodles were pretty consistent.

Braised Ee Fu Noodles - $4.50 (Small)
Guan Guan Seafood may not be a place where you expect food that will give you some WOW Factor but rather a place to ease your groaning tummy.

Rating: 3 / 5

Guan Guan Seafood
Location: 47 Tanglin Halt Road #01-311 Singapore 141047

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