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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Good Chance Popiah Eating House

Good Chance Popiah Eating House has been around for more than 30 years. They are not only known for its traditional Hokkien Popiah and also giving customers hands on to roll their own kind of popiah. It is hard to find this style of serving as nowadays, popiahs are served wrapped.

Good Chance Popiah
Environment is a typical Chinese restaurant setting with dining area space maximized leaving little rooms for walking. Walls were plastered with celebrities photos taken in their Eating House over the years.

Upon ordering, ingredients of the popiah had spread all over on our table shortly. Dining in a table of 2, the table was kind of small to hold our orders altogether. Nevertheless we still enjoy dining in a cozy corner.

Shredded turnip was served in a claypot and we can still hear the bubbling sound from it. It has a robust taste from the little dried shrimps used, acquiring an old school taste, different from the usual ones I had from most places.

Shredded Turnip
Standard ingredients like shredded egg,chilli, garlic, lettuce, beansprouts, chinese parsley were served shortly one another another.

6 pieces of popiah skins were folded into quarters and stacked on a small plate. If you are thinking if they made their own popiah skin, here's the answer to your question. They have been ordering the skins from their long time supplier, Kway Guan Huat, one of Singapore's heritage stall.

Hokkien Popiah (6 pcs) - $19.80

Chinese Parsley
Beansprouts & Lettuce
Apart from the traditional fillings, you can enhance the roll's flavour by topping up additional ingredients like chinese sausage, prawns and even crab meat.

Chinese Sausage - $4.80 & Crab Meat - $6.80
My Art
Pork Trotter Bee Hoon was delectable, pleasing to the palettes. Bee Hoon was evenly braised and moist, not too wet. A wonderful pairing with tender pork trotters that literally disintegrates into my mouth without giving it too much pressure. A rare find of good traditional taste with items like braised mushroom and chinese chestnut. Recommended!

Pork Trotters Bee Hoon - $15.80

A bowl of the Bee Hoon
The disadvantage of dining 2 pax was that we could only order limited variety. No questions about holding groups in the eating place, in fact it is best recommended to get your family together and enjoy a good session of Popiah party like this. Be early or do reservations before heading down to avoid disappointment.

Rating: 4 / 5

Good Chance Popiah Eating House
Location: Blk 149 Silat Ave #01-58 Singapore 610149

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