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Friday, August 14, 2015

Ming Jia Korean Food

There were quite a number of Korean eating places in Bukit Timah area and Ming Jia is one of them which served true blue Korean food. Tucked away at one far end of Bukit Timah Plaza, Ming Jia stall is manned by a Korean lady together with 3 other helpers.

Ming Jia Korean Food
There was a communication gap between the Korean Auntie when I tried ordering the dishes, luckily one of the helpers who seemed to be a local helped me on my orders. Ming Jia Korean Food is divided into two section, one will be the kitchen and a few tables and the unit directly opposite are a shop space catered for dining.

The korean Lady helmed the kitchen and was really quick on the orders. Tofu Seafood Set was served within 5 minutes with a side of our choice.

Tofu Soup Set - $9
Set Meal is pretty authentic whereby the food were served in traditional stone pot and stainless steel cutleries were used. Tofu soup was super tasty with ingredients like, baby shrimps, yellow onions, squid, tofu, needle mushrooms etc.

Toufu Soup
The spicy toufu as side was kept in the fridge for sometime and was rather cooling. Spicy level was very low and taste was rather standard like any other typical korean eating places.

Due to that Ming Jia is nearing to end business day, the amount of seafood they had was running out. Therefore the ingredients maybe a little lesser over here. There are two Koreans Pancake to choose from, the tradtional Kimchi Pancake or seafood pancake. Amazed by her speed of serving, the Korean Lady had fixed our hungry stomachs in a faster way (we are late for dinner), luckily. Pancake was not too oily and was crispy at the edge.

Seafood Pancake - $8
The sizzling stone pot dish me at tastebuds. The sweet savoury broth together with thin slices of pork was insatiable. Vermicelli, pork and onions were used. Yummy!

Ddukbaegi Bugolgi - $9
Becareful! It's burning hot!

The only pet peeve I had over in Ming Jia Korean Food was that we were never able to enjoy a full Korean meal as the type of rice use was similar to what we have been eating daily (Thai Rice) instead of the usual Korean rice. Other than that, all things were well in place.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Ming Jia Korean Food
Location: Bukit Timah Plaza, 1 Jalan Anak Bukit #B1-07 Singapore 588996

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