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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Goodwood Park Hotel - Coffee Lounge

When people talks about Goodwood Park Hotel, it naturally links to me their Durian. Having heard of their popularity in Durians pastry, I have never gotten a chance to enjoy such. I guess it's never too late to give them a try now. Better late than never!

Goodwork Park Hotel
Walking up the red carpet into the lobby, I could even smell the potent durian smells lingering around the corridor. Initially my partner thought I was kidding until we swang open the main glass door and the fragrance rushed in to us.

Stairsway to Lobby


Cold Chocolate was nothing special in particular. It was a standard glass of chocolate milk I felt with chocolate fudge at the bottom of the glass.

Cold Chocolate - $8
Out of the healthy juices selection, I had chosen the Power Detoxer which was recommended to dispel excess salts in the body. The drink is a combination of pineapple,, apple and watermelon.

Power Detoxer - $11

A creation in tribute to the nation's SG50 celebrations! The D24 Durian Ice Cream with Rainbow Bread was attention drawing with its 7 vibrant colors.

Durian Rainbow Ice Cream Cake - $11

This creation intends to instill a nostalgic feel in us to remind us of the olden Singapore days where vendors would sell ice cream in a folded multi-colored bread. Even though we may still get to see them around nowadays at parks or orchard, I believe soon such scenes will become history.

Side View
Durian Ice Cream was frozen and you could see the frost on the rainbow bread.

Another View of the Rainbow Ice Cream

The Durian Cappucino cake was another version of Tiramisu in my opinion just that the Mascapone cream cheese was replaced by the creamy durian. It was introduced into the menu since 2011 and still staying on the dessert menu. Containing a strong hit of espresso with its spongy and creamy richness from the durian filling, Espresso and Durian Lover, this is your take.

Durian Cappucino cake - $11
Finally, the legendary Durian Mousse Cake that kick start the Durian Fiesta Promotion since 1983. The pale yellow piece of cake was a real indulgent. Alternating between the layers of sponge cake and Durian Mousse I would say they complemented each other well. To add on, it has a strong hit of Durian Perfume and with its pulpy fills, it did make me drools once more. Strongly recommended for serious Durian Lover.

Durian Mousse Cake - $11
As Durian Buffet is only available during Lunch and Dinner timing over a limited period, it's very hard to get a seat if you walk in. Goodwood Park has a system that allows customer to reserve seats at the coffee lounge base on its availability and no. of pax which I find it very useful for patrons like us. To avoid any disappointment it is best to do a reservation if you want to dine in.

Rating: 4 / 5

Goodwood Park Hotel - Coffee Lounge
Location: Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road Singapore 228221

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