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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Beirut Grill [Invited Tasting]

Walking along Arab Street, you will be spoilt for choices if you are looking for some Mediterrean or Middle Eastern Cuisine.

Beirut Grill
The Fine Lebanaese Cuisine restaurant is housed in a 2 storey high shophouse whereby patrons get to enjoy both Alfresco as well as indoor seating.

Entering up into the upper level of the restaurant, I was amazed and as such enchanted by the environment. Settings boast a change in the atmosphere completely with Lebanese decor setting the mood. Ambiance was romantic with attractive drapes and plushy cushion seating. Not mentioning that the placing of mirrors reflecting the lights had also enhanced the surroundings.

Environment on Level 2

For Muslim Pals who may enquire about the food. Do note that the food they served is certified Halal and their chefs are Muslim Arabs. However, they do serve alcohol too.

Welcoming our dinner with Beirut Mezza Platter to pair along with their home made pita breads & Falafel. Served in a plate where by each quarter carries its kind of unique tastes, I was pretty amazed by the eye pleasing platter.

Beirut Mezza Platter - $22
Texture of the Chickpea puree with sesame paste was rather creamy and smooth with extra virgin olive oil added. It was slightly lemony but this spread goes well on the plain Pita bread.

Pack of cheese fragrance, initially I thought these little deep fried rolls tasted close to our localized spring rolls stuffed with vegetables. These Lebanese Pastry were crispy and appetizing, stuffed with feta cheese, a hit for cheese lovers. :)

Cheese Borek
Enjoy another well prepared spread, Baba Ghanoush to go with the Pita Bread. Baba Ghanoush is made up of Char-grilled eggplant with mixed capsicum topped with olive oil.

Baba Ghanoush
Last but not least, aubergine puree topped with extra olive oil.

Pita bread was warm and awesome. Made from wheat flour, they were simply soft and fresh from oven. Place some of the above mentioned spread on them and enjoy the simplicity of Middle Eastern Cuisine.

Home Made Pita Bread
Love these Falafel best among the food items in Beirut Mezza Platter. Usually served together with Pita Bread too,wrapped. Falafel is made up of fava beans, deep-fried into croquettes and served with tahina sauce. It's a must try as they were not too oily, crunchy and soft in the inside.

Mixed Grilled Kebab Platter that serves at least 2 pax portion is a good choice to start with if you are unsure of what to order. It consists of Shish Taouk which refers to chicken cubes in orange. The chicken had a unique flavour whereby overnight marination had permeated the flesh with Lebanese herbs & spice.

Lamb Kebab Kofta, the char-grilled minced lamb was done up with Arabic herbs & spices with a special taste too.

Tikka Kebab was the Char-grilled beef cubes marinated by their Chef special spices.

Mixed Grilled Kebab Platter - $36
Perhaps the scene stealer would be Beirut Lamb Chops. It is the Chef's special dish, very well done up, with meat being fork-tender & juicy, giving me a total different perspective of a lamb meat.

Lamb Chops
Lamb chops were slightly in red, marinated in Arabic herbs and spices too.

Lamb Chops
Lamb Chops

One of the highlights while dining will be the Belly Dancing Session organised by Beirut Grill.

Belly Dancing
Be enlightened during your meals every Friday from 8-10pm with Belly Dancing.

Belly Dancing
And be mermerized by performance.

Belly Dancing

Here's some part of the belly dancing for the night.

Marinated Fish cubes were rather decent in Arabic herbs and spices. The fish tasted abit salty in my opinion.

Samak Meshwi - $18

Fish Cubes
Rating this dish as the best of the night, the egg plants based dish were simply inviting and I couldn't resist myself for another helpings. Similar to the creation of Lasagne but in the style of Middle Eastern Cuisine and served in hot plate. Heartily and deliciously done up with char-grilled eggplants cooked with chickpeas & onions, the tangy flavours from the tomato sauce had permeated the mushy soft egg plant. Definitely Memorable! Remember not leave the dish alone without having the vermicelli rice that was served together.

Mousakaa - $16
Rice was fluffy with hints of herbs and topped with fried onions. Under the orange lightings, one of my friends had actually pointed out there was "Bee Hoon" (Vermicelli) in the rice which I found was an interesting combination.

Vermicelli Rice
 The dinner has a sweet ending as we were served with Baklava. With characteristics of the cuisine former ottoman empire, it is not surprising that these pastry are rich and sweet. The charm about the pastry was that it was made from a layers of filo filled with crashed nuts lavished with honey & rose water. Presentation was up one level with beautiful swirls of whipped cream that stood out in the middle of the plate topped with a red cherry.

Baklava - $12
Ambiance was great especially on the second level in Beirut. Besides that, it's hard to find some exotic tastes like this in Singapore as well as being Middle Eastern Authentic. Beirut gave me a better experience and knowledge of the cuisine itself. Furthermore, service was hospitable with friendly servers around that top up our water so frequently.

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Rating: 3.5 / 5

Location: 72 Bussorah St Singapore 199485

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