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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Xiang Mei Roasted Meat

Most of the time as I pass by S-11's Xiang Mei Roasted Meat, I will notice many hungry goers queuing up for their roasted meat. There is absolutely no surprise on its length of queue be it rain or shine. S-11 is conveniently located within a minute or 2 from the Bus Interchange as well as MRT station thus there should be no issue locating this stall.

Xiang Mei Roasted Meat

Roasted Duck came with beautiful roasted crackling skin, the sweet juicy punches from its meat was far than more I can say. Scrumptious! The down side of the meal may be that the meat and aromatic gravy had been given sparingly. Personally, I felt that if the can increase the amount of meat by a little it will be better but it seems like majority dont mind its portion, thus the queue.

Roasted Duck Rice - $4

Duck Rice
The meal is completed with this complimentary big bowl of soup with Sze Chuan Vegetables. On the contrary as compared to the meat portion, they were indeed very generous especially when you see the number of vegetables available in the bowl. It was not oily, instead it tasted rather pleasant together with the roasted meal.

Having seen people order their takeaways in large quantities always, be prepared to wait a little while more at times.

Seeing so many patrons ordering their Duck Leg rice, I guess it tempts me and gave me another reason to visit them again. 

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Xiang Mei Roasted Meat
Location: S-11 Food House, Blk 640 Bukit Batok Central Singapore 650640

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