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Monday, July 13, 2015

Old School Delights

Got to know Old School Delights (OSD) from a pal who has been here in Upper Thomson. While I'm still figuring out what's the reason behind its business name, everything was reviewed from my first step into the Cafe.

Old School Delights
No, this is not an exercise book from the school. Instead, its the ordering menu. Let's flip them and reminisce the old school thoughts.

Old School Delights
Orders were made by having patrons indicate the items on a portable whiteboard and then send to the counter.

Ordering White Board

 Dont worry if you can't get much from the menu. You get closer to them when you look at the walls.

It was quite an experience to get in touch with such childhood items like Old Maid Cards, 5 stones, magnetic snake & ladders, erasers with flags and even the Archie comics. Wouldn't it be nice to feel nostalgic once in a while.

Old School Stuff that We Missed
Half level up and you will get to see the busy kitchen helpers at their best preparing food to their customers. Beside the nostalgic games and books we all read in the 80's, you will get to see old electronic items like the small yet fat size TV in the screen below.

The kitchen
OSD had me at Kueh Pie Tie! This classic Nonya favourite which consist of little cups of crispy shells filled with juicy braised turnip was a total turn on! Topped with egg bits, parsley and their homemade chilli sauce, ordering this is highly recommended.

Kueh Pie Tie - $6.50
 A rich, home style meal made of mushroom based sauce was oured over their lightly blanched hor-fun. Ingredients like shredded chicken, mushroom slices and leafy greens were served with their home made sambal belachan. Note that its only available from Friday to Sunday.

Hor Fun with Mushroom Stock - $8.80
 Old School Mocha-Cinno was classified as one of their Signature Traditional Brew.  Made up of a combination of roasted black coffee with malted chocolate and thick frothy milk. It tasted a tad bitter and dont really suit a non coffee person like me.

Mocha-Cino - $4.90
Another recommendation from pal was this Bandung-Dinosauress. Giant size rose milk filled with homemade chendol and sago goodness. If you like bandung, this just wont go wrong.

Bandung Dinosauress - $4.90
 Highly raved by my close pals, these are not to be missed since I had came all over from the West Side of Singapore.  It's really an old school canteen favourite. The wings were perfectly done up at the right texture without being too oily. The slight garlic taste permeates the chicken meat, giving a special taste to the tender chicken. What I like best was the crispy light layer of golden brown skin!

Tuckshop Wings - $5.80 + $2.80
 A reinvention of the Hainanese Pork Chop. Instead of a full flavoured pork, they had it done with chicken instead. Chicken chunks were delicious and crispy, smothered with their homemade sweet-sour sauce, bringing out a tangy taste. These Hainanese Favourite was paired with a bed of garlic fried rice, a perfect match made without being too greasy.

Hainanese Chicken Cutlet - $9.80
Visiting this place had stirred the old memories in me, my childhood days back then. It feels so good once in a while to "travel back in time". Besides that, there are food in OSD worth going back for.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Old School Delights
Location: 215M Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574349

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