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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Teochew Cuisine Restaurant

Looking for some authentic Teochew Flavours in your meals? You dont have to travel far to China nor you have to worry about the timing as this hidden gem in Bukit Batok is opened 24 hours daily which allows you and your family to pop by anytime for meal. If not for my friend who recommended this place, I would never have knew their existence for they are located at a secluded corner under among the HDB estate.

 Teochew Cuisine Restaurant
Braised Ducks, anyone?
I thought its quite unbelievable or rather unusual to see specific cuisine restaurant located under the flats. In fact, to my surprise the crowd on a weekday night is relatively higher than my expectation. Just like any Chinese restaurant, they have big round tables suitable for 10 pax family dining and even gathering.

Usually we would have such appetizers skipped but instead of the usual braised peanuts, they had stirred fried long beans and salted peanuts. Thus we accepted both and began digging in for we were quite hungry at the point of time.

Appetizer - $1.30 Each

Appetizer - $1.30 Each
Teochew fish and Teochew duck was the signature's from the restaurant. If you notice another side near the entrance, you can see the open concept kitchen where chefs are preparing these two staples. What's more, you can see beautifully braised duck hanging high up at the glass shelves.

Braised duck was decent and this Teochew Lo-Shui Combo consists of braised intestines, Tau Gua & pork belly. Yummy!

Braised Duck Platter
As a substitute to the white rice that keeps a filling stomach, we had Mee Sua instead. It was served in an elegant heavy bowl with ingredients like minced pork, mushrooms, lettuce, dried shrimps, red chilli skin and spring onions. Simply love this delectable main for its not too soupy yet not too dry taste. Recommended!

Dry Scallop Noodle - $12

Another View
We all heard about Teochew Fish Soup and looks like every table was practically having a bowl. With such quantity and taste, even though it was from an air conditioned restaurant, their prices are of a good fight to what most hawker centers stall offered. There was no doubt of the freshness of fish and servings were generous with plump slices of Batang fish. While the slices of fish were smooth and thin slices of crunchy bittergourd were added giving another texture to the dish. On top of that, fried shallots and chopped corriander were included to reduce the nature of seafood smell. On a side note, I saw patrons taking away fish soup and these food were stored in disposables containers with the popular fish soup stall name "Li Guang Ji" on it and then I suddenly recalled why the taste of their fish soup was so familiar. Are they affiliated, I wonder.

Fish Soup - $8
Value for Money

Reasonably priced may be another point that attracts diners and since its embedded in the middle of the heartlands with its 24 hours walk in dining or even take away, it's hard not to give them a try, moreover the standard of food was above the usual ratings.

Coming from a Teochew family, I often learn that dishes are slightly more on a salty side thus there were no surprise their food tasted that way. Overall, they are still worth the visit and if you are residing in the West or even in Bukit Batok, you odd to know this place. No worry for those who are not too familar with the west, they have another outlet in Toa Payoh if that place is near your residence.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Teochew Cuisine Restaurant
Location: 132 Bukit Batok West Ave 6 #01-300 Singapore 650132

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